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About The Reforge and No Repair option.

Posted: 15 Dec 2018, 19:35
by Bahamut
Ok there is a reason why LMS has removed the Repair option and here are the reasons:-

1. The option of being able to experiment with stats. As any future stat make ups can be reforge over existing stats.
2. Being able to make rare items that should not be used all the time and used for special battles, for example Territory Wars
3. Any bugged or unbalanced items will be easily refreshed with reforge instead of classic repair.
4. All main equipment levels for both PvE and PvP, like 101/102 for example will be fixed so when you reforge the stats will stay the same unless
they are being updated.
5. Special and Rare items stats may change on reforge if its intended too, and a notice will be given about them.

Any feedback on prices, stats are welcomed, what you would like to see on future stat adds would be appreciated.