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1. Special vote system with vote ticket and web shop pages
This system records every vote point client (example after vote with every banners user get 4 vote point and 4 LMS Vote Tickets obtained by mail in the game for one character chosen by him from personal vote pages)
The Vote Ticket Unable to be trade, Unable to be put into account stage and etc.
This stuff made for personal character use.
a) Vote Shop it's a another good option to get rare items for your collect vote points example 12, 20, 58, 100, 2000 and etc., (page moderator not need to clear this points montly)
On the vote shop every user will get rare items like:
O'"Mail and Joness (remode with +100k HP and MP) weekly blessing for 12 points
Essence Tier 6 x1 for 20 vote points
Ten Million Big Note x1 for 24 points
Stones like + 1 attack/ +1 deffence and etc. for 30 vote points
Special Event Gold Note x1 = 20 vip gold cost 40 vote points or 30 vip gold cost 50 vote points
S+ Card for 100 vote points reawaken 0 (normal shop cost 500 golds every)
Recomandet: This shop remove montly vote points rating, it is unnecessary
b) Special Vote Tickets, after collect a lot of this stuff players will get rare stuff from special NPC
Rapture/Uncany Crystal, Sovereign seal, Suply Token, Golden Snake, every item like Event Shop )
Stones for attack, defences, hp, channeling, dexterity and etc. ( like those from event shop)
c) Special Shop Pages named Donate Shop (based Event Shop PWI)
This function working only with special donate points with real money. Good for more fresh money.
10 euro = 100 points
20 = 200, 30 = 300 and etc. + montly promotional offers for users
Players will buy rare items and gear from this shop for low prices exactly.
examples: S+ cards reawakening level 2 for 50 points, 10x event gold banknotes for 10 points, rare helms/plate (recomandet Golden Snake Cloth to upgrade)

2. Remode daily event
a). -Trivia quest NPC stay every day in west archo for all login users.
b). -GM's Trivia quest recommender for anti sleep users.
15 question with 10 seconds reply
c). -Kill every friends (for PK/PvP users)
this event starting in Plume city (recommended to disable save zone in city). Players get rare items like Scroll of tome for winners, rapture chest for 2nd stage and 30 million ten banknotes for 3rd stage
d). -Phoenix valley level 100+ (first person hiden level, squad for low level)
recovery all original event mobs cave and change with Lunar Dancer, Fishkin Brute and Bloodpython Master
Every players will get nice stuff from this instance after finish
Examle: 50 to 70+ Var AvatarPack (C), 80 to 100+ Var Avatar Treasure box, 150 to 200+ Supply tokens, 20 to 40+ Sovereign Seal. From finall boss players drop 3 to 5 solgem +attack/defence, dexterity, + vitality and etc
e) -Remode World Bosses drop items
with Suply tokens, 200k money and 3x Essence Tier 6, Rapture/Uncany Crystals
f) -Monthly Vote Lottery for all users 3 users 1st, 2nd and 3rd
recommended 100 vote points per user for records.
g)-RAW mania (PK RING for PK users)
1 vs 1
2 vs 2 in squad mode
4+ vs 4+ in squad mode
Excellent idea for PK users and funny play time. Recommended G18, upgrade gear maximum points + and special region. GM's recommended refer
This is my small personal old idea for MMORPG business and play time strategy, more about 60% from users spend time for compromised variant "Play for Time - free time and money to reach hi level and gears"
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