Coming back to LMS

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Coming back to LMS

Post by Ebon » 03 Sep 2014, 13:17

Hello fellow LMS players,

I would like to announce that I am coming back to the servers actively, for those that know me please contact me in 1000x as Ebonarch, I rerolled a level 150 Elf Archer whos is already full g20c. I would love to gather with old players from 200x who had to transfer to 1000x when the server was shut down due to the low number of online users. Looking forward to play with you again soon!

For those that don't know me I used to play as Ebon in the old 200x server as the rank 3 rep WR. Open to new friendships for coop activities.

See you all in-game! :)
Ebonarch - Elf Archer - LVL 150 - 1000x
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Re: Coming back to LMS

Post by Bible » 11 Sep 2014, 03:11

Hello ! I'm LuffyKun .. Old WR in 1000x . But still not that good ! Btw , Nice too meet you ebon :)
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Re: Coming back to LMS

Post by Serey » 22 Sep 2014, 22:56

I hope you're the same person I remember otherwise I look dumb c;
Anyways if you are it's Aya ;3
I still play this too :D
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