A Guide to Astral World

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A Guide to Astral World

Post by GMInnocence » 26 Apr 2014, 20:45

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1. What are tip boxes?

These give you temporary access to advance skills for your class. These skills expire upon leaving primal world
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advanced skills.jpg
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2. What is primal world-Astral Domain??

In lore terms: It is the first earth Pangu created. As you find your hero, the war for the wraiths has already been mostly won. The 28 celestial spirits mostly kill what is left for sport. The 28 celestial spirits each represent a different constellation and are mighty warriors. They under the command of The Black Tortoise, Xuanwu; The Red Pohenix, Zhuque; The Azure Dragon, Qinglong; and The White Tiger, Baihu. Prior to the wraiths defeat, the gods didn't believe in these warriors would emerge victorious. Due to this, they created a new world known as Perfect World. Many of the wraiths left to invade that new world. The wraiths that remained behind in the Astral Domain were defeated. The Astral domain therefore exists as a peaceful place between the sacred world and perfect world. In the new character quest, it is your job to recruit these 28 celestial spirits to join your side and leave the peace of the primal world behind in order to fight for perfect world's survival.

In gameplay terms: It is the new starter zone. Once you leave this area, you cannot re-enter. This is different than the primal world you visit upon reincarnation.

3. What are aquametals?

Aquametals are mob drops and quest rewards you can use to exchange for free items.
4. Where can I redeem them?

At the Little Dawn NPC (326,581)There is exchange dialogue you can open. You can also receive secret quest items if you have enough aquametals in your inventory.
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5.What can I redeem them for?

You can redeem them for fashion or various flyers, all class pets, and a mount. The fashion expires once you leave primal world but is relatively cheap. All other items are permanent and can be taken with you.
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6. What are the permanent items?

All Class Pets -500 Aquametals-

Geon Dahoo, Lord Cuddlesworth

Note: Geon Dahoo is different from the ginger tiger you receive from the quests. He changes faces for an animation and is slightly bigger than the ginger tiger. The ginger tiger uses only the default face.

Buff Packs -2000 Aquametals-

Owl's Wisdom Pack- when opened, it gives you 50 owl keeness orbs that grant level 6 attack buffs. These are strength of titans (+ physical attack) and Spirit's Gift (+magic attack) buff. This pack can NOT be opened more than once. Don't bother buying more than one of these.

Stone Toughness Orb Pack- when opened, it gives you 50 stone toughness orbs that grant level 6 defense buffs. These are vanguard spirit (+ physical defense), Magic Shell (+ magic defense buff), Aura of the Golden Bell (+ physical defense buff), and Beast King's Inspirtation (+ Health Points) buff. This pack can be opened more than once.

Mount -5000 Aquametals-

Dark Abyss 7/8 meters per second
Dark Abyss.jpg
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Flyers -9999 Aquametals-
*note all flyers have a speed of 10.0 and a hasted speed of 13.0.



Sapna's Dreaming

[attachment=2]Sapnas Dreaming.png[/attachment]

Opalescent Kirin

[attachment=1]Opalescent Kirin.png[/attachment]

Frozen Wishes

[attachment=3]Frozen Wishes.png[/attachment]

Eldritch Darkmoth

Eldritch Darkmoth.png
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7. What is this about a secret quest?

These are quests to turn in aquametals for various bless boxes. The amount of aquametals you need vary by box. This quest only appears when you already have the aquametals in your inventory, and cannot be taken more than once.

8.What are the items and how many do I need?

Mushosha's Bless Box requires 1000 aquametals. It contains 10 teleport stones, 10 teleport incense, 5 radiant shards, and 5 Hyper Exp stones. This box can only be opened once you reach level 60+.

Muesela's Bless Box requires 3000 aquametals. It contains 10 teleport stones, 10 teleport incense, 5 radiant shards, 5 hyper exp stones, and 3 dragon orb(5 stars). This box can only be opened once you reach level 90+.

Kosan's Bless Box requires 7000 aquametals. It contains 20 teleport stones, 20 teleport incense, 5 radiant shards, 5 hyper exp stones, 3 dragon orb(6 stars). This box can only be opened once you reach level 100+

9.What is Cute Rush?

It's a race that takes place every few minutes. You can wager aquametals on a particular animal to win. If it wins you will receive additional aquametals. If your pet loses, you will receive nothing. You are able bet on more than one pet. To start the cute rush speak to Autumn Deal Han or Water dealer Han near the celestial residence and ridge of awakening. The only difference between the two is a lower initial wager (10 and 100 respectively) which of course naturally affects payout as well. It works the same as real-life horse races.

10.I received a "ginger tiger pet egg" and a "machinated terror egg" but how do I hatch it? Can it fight for me?

Talk to the Pet Manager, near Libra Guardian Qi. The ginger tiger is an all-class pet, which are for decoration only and cannot fight for you. The machinated terror is a mount you can ride to increase your run speed.

11. I received a cage, what is this?

You use this to expand your pet bag to the second slot. You must use this cage while in primal world. Once you get to perfect world, the quest for using hay to expand your peg bag to the second slot will not actually work if you use the cage. It is better to use the cage. For most classes, you should only do the hay quest if you forgot to use the cage before leaving primal world.

12. I received some Jade Seals, what is this?

These seals are part of a map for a level 30 quest you can begin once you reach perfect world. Save them in your inventory until that time. Once you reach level 30 you can return to this guide to learn how to do the seal quests.

13. I had an Ecstasy Card Ticket and now it's gone! What happened?

This isn't an actual Ecstasy Card like the ones in Perfect World, it's just a quest item. It's proof you did all three unto other quests and is required to trigger the next quest. You don't actually receive coin for this quest. If one of these tickets drop from a mob and end up in your bag after this quest, it is actually just a firework.
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