New To Server - Installation Question

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New To Server - Installation Question

Post by Mismis » 17 Mar 2014, 21:18

Hi :)

I just found your site, and am downloading the client as we speak.

I did read the instructions on the installation, but I just have a question. I already have PWI installed, and I'm wondering if using your patch will overwrite PWI - it's a dumb question, I know, I'm just not sure how it works >.> ). Or if I can download your client into a it's own folder and run it as a separate entity from PWI.

Thanks :)
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Re: New To Server - Installation Question

Post by Shara » 31 Mar 2014, 18:24

The client would have to be exactly the same or such for it to replace PWI, just check the install location/folder and you can change it if you want, the installer should have the option for it.

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