Guide to getting started with 1.5.1

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Guide to getting started with 1.5.1

Post by GMInnocence » 17 Apr 2015, 03:42

Welcome to LMSPW. Here is a guide to help you get started playing on the 1.5.1 Descent server.

You will start out having to create your character. There are 5 classes and 10 different character
classes to choose from, there are lots of customization that can go into a character, so have lots of fun and be creative. Each class and character have strength and weaknesses. Read the descriptions carefully to find the one best suited for you. After picking your class, character and customizing your character, you have 3 days to go back and re-customize your character for free, after that you will need a Makeover Scroll.
Makeover Scroll.jpg
Makeover Scroll.jpg (5.5 KiB) Viewed 17317 times
They can be found in the boutique and or traded Perfect ~ Tokens of Luck for one at the LMSPW Boutique Agent. LMSPW Boutique Agent can be found in every major city. You can change your name if you buy a Identity Stone from the Boutique > Events > Shop. Then find the Keeper of Names in West Archosaur to change your name. Identity Stones can be bought with event gold. To get event gold you either need to donate or win of the many contests LMS runs.

So after creating your character and logging in for the first time, you end up in Astral World.
This is a beginners area that can you explore and play around in if you would like. There are some quests that can be completed here if you want to do them or you can come right to the main world if you want.
Just please remember when you leave this map you will not be allowed to re-enter at any time. Click the link if you want a guide to the quests in this area.

After leaving Astral World you will come to the main map. You will enter the map in the beginner areas of your home city.

Humans > Blademasters/Wizards > Etherblade
Untamed >Barbarians/Venomancers > City of Lost
Winged Elf > Clerics/Archers > Plume
Tideborn > Assassins/Psychics > City of Raging Tides
Earthguards > Seekers/Mystics > Tellus City

There you will be able to open your geographical map. Double click on it in your inventory and that will open up all teleport locations.
While that is opening up I would recommend looking at your Character Info (press C). This is where you put your stat points in and tells you all about you character.
Character Info Screen.jpg
Make sure when you are putting your stat points in that you put them in the proper places to where the gear and weapons you want. I recommend checking with the forges and looking at what u need to wear the next level of gears before putting any points in at all, but do not worry if you make a mistake it can be corrected even after pushing the done button. You will need to buy a reset scroll and visit the elder in any major city to reset your points. There are 2 levels of reset scrolls depending on what u want to do to reset them.
Forges West Arch.jpg
There is no spiritual cultivation to be done with your character. Everyone starts out with Celestial Sage. You can change this with the Celestial Schism that is in your inventory. You take it to the Conversion Executor in East Archosaur (by the Elder) and follow her instructions. You do start out with all your skills at level 10. You do have to buy your demon/sage skill books. If you have already learned your demon/sage skills and you want to change your cultivation that is fine but it will reset all your skills and you will have to buy all new books and learn them again. Your demon/sage book sellers in Thousand Streams near the elder. Magic skills on one side and melee skills (power) on the other.
One of the Skillbook Merchants.jpg
One of the Skillbook Merchants.jpg (9.8 KiB) Viewed 17317 times
You will have to take the books to a skill trainer in either Heaven (sage)
Doorway to Heaven (sage).jpg
or Hell (demon).
Doorway to Hell (demon).jpg
Enter there at Thousand Streams.
There is also a event calendar that will tell you about the different events and instances. You can find this on the bottom of your mini map. Press the number 7 that is there and it will bring up a new box. There also is a Check In button. Clicking on that will give you some exp every day.
Event Calendar.jpg
Also do not forget about you genies. You can get them from the Watcher of the Earth.
Watcher of the Earth.jpg
Watcher of the Earth.jpg (6.94 KiB) Viewed 17317 times
He is in every major city. Get them there and take your chance with lucky points or be guaranteed a perfect genie by buying a All Rounder genie from the boutique.

You start out fully geared with it all maxed refined and stoned. This is what you start making your higher level gears with.
There is also automatic pop up quests for gear.
level 107 with g14 set of 4 armors + g14 weapon rewards
level 113 with g15 set of 4 armors + g15 weapon rewards
level 120 with g16 set of 4 armors + g16 weapon rewards

Your crafting skills when you begin are at level 7. That will allow you to begin crafting your own weapons and gear. Just remember as your gear level increases you will need to increase your crafting skill also to make the next level.
The higher level crafting npc are located in West Archosaur.

You will have to start your apothecary from level 1 and level it to level 10. All materials can be bought from the Buy Here Pup
Buy Stuff Here Pup.jpg
Buy Stuff Here Pup.jpg (15.86 KiB) Viewed 17317 times
(located in all major cities) or you can buy a pick axe (buy from a merchant) and farm them yourself.

The forges in West Archosaur are there for you with lots of various goodies. Weapons, gears, tomes, and lots of other important goodies can be made in them. Please explore them!

Yes you can Re-waken on LMSPW. If you are wanting to do so please follow this link to the guide that explains on how to do so.

Once you have Re-wakened you will have Primal Daily quests available to you. Please follow this link to the guide for them.

The new skill guide that comes with Re-wakening.

War Avatar Guide

Title Challenge Guide


Your meridian is found by opening your inventory and clicking the body in the middle. A new screen will pop up. You will need holy and mystical pills. You have 50 tries a day to open it up. There 4 levels too it. Each one you open will increase your stats. The stats on the left are you current bonus stats and the stats on the right are what you will have when you successfully open the next level. Holy and mystical pills can be bought from the boutique or acquired by doing certain daily quests.
Mystical and Holy Pills.jpg
Mystical and Holy Pills.jpg (10.58 KiB) Viewed 17317 times

Fashion can be bought from the npc in West Archosaur or from the boutique. Or if you are extremely lucky opening certain packs can win some. If you do not like the color of your clothing if can be dyed at a Seamstress. There are several in Archosaur. Also at the Seamstress you can dye certain mounts, or engrave with Ink on your weapons or gear. Inks can be bought in the boutique and all dyes can be bought at the Buy Here pup.
Mounts and Flyers

All mounts and flyers can be bought from the boutique or the event boutique. There is a chance to win some buy opening packs. You can also buy from other players if they are looking to sell. Mounts you need to hatch at the pet manager. You will also have to feed your mount and level it. All food can be bought at the Buy Here pup. You get one free cage when you start the game, if you wish to have multiple mounts or pets you will need to buy more cages. Flyers can be equipped on your inventory screen.

Venomancers Pets

Venomancers can either buy their pets or looking for them on the maps to tame them. You will need to learn your Heal, Tame and Revive pet skills for this. You will also have to learn those to full open up your pet bag to the max. A venomancers pets can learn skills just like us people on the game. You will need to buy the skill book from the Buy Here pup and take it to the Zoologist in top left corner of Archosaur.
Mrs Zoologist.jpg
Mrs Zoologist.jpg (8.64 KiB) Viewed 17317 times
Also there you can enter Lycaeum of Cultivation to level up your pet skills or you can buy the Feral Stars from the boutique.
Pet Skills.jpg
Feral Soul Star.jpg
Feral Soul Star.jpg (6.26 KiB) Viewed 17317 times
Daily Quests

Here is a nice guide for other daily quests on LMSPW

Guide for the new Daily Gathering Quest
These quests are the same for both servers except for the names of the mines. That's why we've decided to write just one guide for both servers.

Old Heavens Tear (OHT)

You can get into OHT by doing the quest line or by buying a key. You can only get into the first level of OHT with the quest line. After that you will need to buy keys to get in there. Great grinding spots in there for mats and levels.
OHT.jpg (4.25 KiB) Viewed 17317 times
LMSPW Boutique Agent

There are lots of great things that can be traded in for Perfect ~ Tokens of Best Luck or Perfect ~Tokens of Luck.
This is also where you will go and trade in the gear packs that you get from packs. Explore them well. You can get Tokens you will need to buy packs from the boutique. There are boutique agents in all major cities.
Tokens of Luck.jpg
Tokens of Best Luck.jpg
Gear Packs.jpg
Gear Packs2.jpg
Reputation and Rank Gear

To be able to wear the Rank Gear in game you will need to get the reputation. There are several ways to get the reputation in game.
1) Doing quests will earn you reputation. This is probably the slowest way to earn it.
2) Turn Perfect ~ Tokens of Luck in at the Boutique Agent for Wraith Officers Badges. You can turn them into the Commander in Chief. You can hand them in stacks of 1's, 10's, 100's and 1000's.
3) Buy Wraith Marshall Stamps from the Buy Stuff Here pup. You turn them in at the same place but can only do them one at a time.
4) Donate to LMS and he will send you Wraith Officers Badges.
Commander in Chief.jpg
Commander in Chief.jpg (9.36 KiB) Viewed 17317 times
You need 100,000 reputation for rank 7, 200,000 for rank 8 and 300,000 for rank 9. That will get you in the final gear.
Reputation.jpg (11.74 KiB) Viewed 17317 times
To make the first set of rank 9 gear you will need 19 Medal of Glorys and 205 General Summers Tokens. These can be bought in the Boutique.
MoG and GST.jpg
MoG and GST.jpg (10.79 KiB) Viewed 17317 times
For the next level of Rank gear you will need to have Summerwind Tokens. There are two ways to acquire those.
1) Buy them from the boutique. You require 9 of them to do all your gear.
2) Trade Perfect ~ Tokens of Luck for wedding wines in at the Boutique Agent then take those to the Eldest Matchmaker and trade them for wedding candies. Then go see the Commander in Chief up in Thousand Streams and trade them for Summerwind Tokens.
10 Perfect ~ Tokens of Luck = 1 bottle of wine
2 bottles of wine = 1 wedding candy
500 wedding candies = 1 Summerwind Token
Summerwind Token.jpg
Summerwind Token.jpg (5.99 KiB) Viewed 17317 times
For the final reforge of the rank 9 gear you will need Useless/Ebony Gold and Sovereign Seals.
Ebony Gold and Sovereign Seals.jpg
Ebony Gold and Sovereign Seals.jpg (10.21 KiB) Viewed 17317 times
Supply Tokens

Supply Tokens are important for reforging gear and your tomes. There are several ways to acquire them in game. Bounty Hunter quests give them to you, buying from the boutique and farming World Bosses.
Supply Tokens.jpg
Supply Tokens.jpg (6.46 KiB) Viewed 17317 times
Events Calendar
There are also coin bosses every four hours on the server, they are announced with red chat as to where and when.
These events are great ways to make coin and earn mats for your gears.

Voting Link
Please do not forget to vote for LMS. This is one way to earn the gold for the boutique.

Other Useful Links for LMS

Hope you enjoy playing on the LMSPW servers. If you have any more questions or problems please
feel free to contact one of the many helpful GMs on game or by emailing LMS himself at
[email protected]

Happy Gaming :D
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