Primal World Dailies

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Primal World Dailies

Post by GMInnocence » 24 Apr 2014, 21:24

In Story Mode:

Story mode means that you will still be on same map, but without all mobs/NPCs etc. To enter/exit this mode you can speak to one of these NPCs:
-Resistance Force Spy near Sky Owl Stronghold
-Green Wood Heart Guardian near Dragon Tower
-Raccoon Guard at Tree Raccoon Village
-Queen Liu Soo at Mirrorflower Kingdom
-Melancholy Soldier north from Autumn Village

NOTE: you can do all story mode quests in same story mode, there is no need to enter and exit for each quest

Assault on Sky Owl - You have to be lvl50 and have Arcane Sky I. Speak to the Resistance Force Spy near Sky Owl Stronghold to begin the quest Stronghold Assault. You have to pick quest OUTSIDE of story mode, but you complete it inside story mode, so this is good quest to start with when you go do your Primal dailies. You will have to dig 4 Obsolete Woods to obtain Cinder, then walk to 336 477 to get pop-up and kill 4 Sky Owls. But be careful with these mobs, they have some kind of physical ranged attack that can kill squishy people easily.
Reward: 66k EXP, 250 Vitae, 1 War Avatar Pack C

Secret daily "Caravan" - You must be in story mode near owl/card daily. NPC spawns, get quest from NPC and kill mobs. Reward is EXP and Vitae, so long as you kill 1 mob you get 100 vitae, each mob =160k exp. Make sure to turn in quest before NPC disappears. To kill mobs you must be in PK mode. Check video + more info HERE

Defending Green - You have to be lvl 80 and have Arcane Sky I. Speak to Mu Hoffen at Dragon Tower to take quest. Kill Scout mobs around platform to get 1 item from them. With that item you need to collect 5 Vitality crystals north from Tower. Come close to crystal, target it and right click on the Energy Canister in your inventory to "absorb" it.
Reward: 500k EXP, 250 Vitae, Arcane Sky Pill (gives you 100 Vitae)

Rescue Raccoon - You have to be lvl 100 and have Arcane Sky I. Take quest at Raccoon Village Chief in Tree Raccoon Village. You have to kill Cage Guards until you get 5 Prison Keys. After that dig 5 cages to release imprisoned raccoons.
Reward: Pick one: 1 Old Book Page/1 Primordial Blood, 200k EXP, 250 Vitae

Liu Soo's Plea - Requires lvl100, Mirage Sky I, and completion of The Mercenaries phase. Speak to Queen Liu Soo at Mirrorflower Kingdom and take Liu Soo's Plea quest. After you take the quest walk south out of the "lake" and you will find mobs called Disciple of Ren Dao. Only those who have white light floating around them will "drop" a spirit, and you have to kill it fast to get Maternity Nectar. You can also gather bunch of them and AOE.
NOTE: There is Ren Dao (they changed his name in one patch) walking around this area and he will one hit anyone on his way, so be careful and also dont set auto-cultivating on these mobs.
Reward: 220k EXP, 250 Vitae, 1x PW Flowsilver Coin

Heroic Warsong - Requires lvl100, Mirage Sky I and completion of Final Seal phase. Speak to Light Emperor Alexander in Kirin Town to start this quest for first time. After that you can pick it every day at Melancholy Soldier. He will teleport you to story mode where you take Epic Hero quest. This quest gives you 10 Emerald Wood Pills to revive 8 dead soldiers. Just track the quest and dig 8 dead soldiers on ground.
HINT: you can also use these pills on mobs around that are close to death (less than half HP). Mob will spawn his spirit, and after you kill spirit you get the drop from them (2x when double drop is active)
Reward: 220k EXP, 250 Vitae, 1x PW Flowsilver Coin

Out of Story Mode:

Raccoon Alliance - You have to be lvl 100 and have Arcane Sky I. Take quest at Bamboo Raccoon Chief. Kill Raccoon Fighters, Raccoon Warriors and Raccoon Raiders to get Pact Fragments I, II and III. Speak to Mu Hoffen and then go to Tree Racoon Village (you will get transformed into raccoon). Speak to Tree Raccoon Chief, dig Pact and get reward at Bamboo Raccoon Chief.
Reward: Pick one: 1 Old Book Page/1 Primordial Blood, 200k EXP, 250 Vitae
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