Tailor lvl 6 quest

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Tailor lvl 6 quest

Post by billy6869 » 14 Nov 2011, 19:04

I, trying to get my tailor skill up and the second part of the quest asks for best quality cloudcrash and best quality hermits cape both should be grade 9 the grade 9 cape you can make is cloak of grace i believe and i can't find anywhere to make Hermits cape. I think it's from the name changes in the newest update but not sure. I didnt have this problem with other characters before patch 56 can you please help? I would buy the lvl 6 badge but cant find one.
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Re: Tailor lvl 6 quest

Post by Astrid88 » 22 Nov 2011, 14:46

Hermits cape is the only part of eq needed for this quest that has lower grade than the rest. It is a lvl 57 cape. http://www.pwdatabase.com/pwi/items/1868
Create this one (2 stars). Trust me, it works.
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