FREE CUSTOMS!? How do i get those?

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FREE CUSTOMS!? How do i get those?

Post by Laysie » 30 May 2015, 10:52

hi all,

so since there have been quite some changes lately it came to our attention that there are people who do not quite understand how / where to get free customs.
But have no fear, GM Laysie is here!

basically there are 2 ways to get customs without having to spend real money on them.

1. Voting for them and end up in the Top 2 voters
2. Farming Ancient Coins in game and trade them for custom tickets

i will explain both of them below so keep on reading! :)

1. Voting

Since a few years now LMS has implemented a voting contest to reward those who are voting for our server, after all if no one votes then our server will die completely as new players won't know about us.

Not everyone knows how it works though so i will try to make it easy for you all :)

first go to
lms site 1.jpg
and click on the elf in the green backround to be directed to the main website of the 1000x server
lms site 2.jpg
lms site 3.jpg
then click on Vote for Cubi
lms site 4.jpg
it will direct you to this page
lms site 5.jpg
fill in the details
details.jpg (24.24 KiB) Viewed 7722 times
click on enter, it will direct you to this page
lms aite 6.jpg
this is your personal voting section in which you can see:
on the bottom a row of squares
vote squares.jpg
as you can see you can vote every 8 hours and mine are still pending.
when there is no waiting time displayed but a little picture it means you are able to vote. Just click on 1 of the squares and preform the task given to you.
once you have voted your voting points will automatically added to your voting page.

you can also see:
the amount of voting points you have gathered and are waiting to be converted to cubi
collected points.jpg
collected points.jpg (4.2 KiB) Viewed 7722 times
the amount of voting points you have gathered this month
monthly points.jpg
monthly points.jpg (4.4 KiB) Viewed 7722 times
this last one is the important one for the free custom contest. as you can see on the right side of your page there is a top 10 of monthly voters
top 10 voters.jpg
top 10 voters.jpg (36.88 KiB) Viewed 7722 times
these are the players with the most voting points uptil that point of the month from both 1000x and 1.5.1 server.
If you're still in the top 10 at the end of the month you will be rewarded. place 3 - 10 will get a cubi reward

but place 1-2 will be rewarded with free custom services
top 2.jpg
top 2.jpg (13.22 KiB) Viewed 7719 times

1st place will be granted custom addons for 1 weapon
2nd place will be rewarded custom addons for 1 armor part
( for 1,5,1 players these rewards are converted into event gold )

that was the 1st way of getting free customs.

2. Ancient coins

2.1 what are ancient coins?
ancient coin.jpg
ancient coin.jpg (1.37 KiB) Viewed 7722 times
Ancient coins are an in game currency which can be exchanged for 3 different prizes, 1 of which is a custom ticket allowing you to customise your armor / weapon.

2.2 where can i exchange ancient coins?
you can exchange ancient coins at LM$ coin forge
lms coin forge location 1.jpg
lms coin forge location 2.jpg
lms coin forge 1.jpg
talk to it and pick spend your coins it will direct you to this item list
lms coin forge 2.jpg
on the bottom right you see a row of 3 items seperated from the rest
rewards 1.jpg
rewards 1.jpg (3.67 KiB) Viewed 7722 times
these are the items you can get with Ancient Coins

2.2.1 Ring of Power
ring of power 2.jpg
ring of power 2.jpg (1.55 KiB) Viewed 7722 times
ring of power 1.jpg
2.2.2 custom ticket
custom ticket 2.jpg
custom ticket 2.jpg (1.57 KiB) Viewed 7722 times
custom ticket.jpg
custom ticket.jpg (27.6 KiB) Viewed 7722 times
2.2.3 custom transfer ticket
custom transfer ticket 2.jpg
custom transfer ticket 2.jpg (1.61 KiB) Viewed 7722 times
custom transfer ticket.jpg
custom transfer ticket.jpg (32.45 KiB) Viewed 7722 times
2.3 How do i get Ancient coins?
There are 3 ways to get Ancient coins in game
1. Slay the Kraken
2. Slay Epic Vanished Ancestor
3. Zombie Apocalypse ( only for lvl 120 - 139 )

2.3.1 The Kraken
In the deeps of Forbidden Sea Davy Jones has released an ancient evil, lurking from within the deep ocean. The Kraken has been set loose to collect treasure and bring devastation upon our world, he will crush anyone who dares to defy it and its guards. Will you dare to face Davy Jones's mighty creatures? better not do it alone!
as you can read it's a hard boss, and impossible to kill on your own. you can find it at [586, 209]
the kraken location 1.jpg
the kraken location 2.jpg
the kraken 1.jpg
the kraken 2.jpg
as you can see he is not alone either so neither should you be while trying to kill him. He respawns every 5 hours and drops 1 ancient coin per kill

2.3.2 Vanished Ancestor
you can find this epic boss in guild house
guild house location.jpg
guild house location 2.jpg
talk to faction supervisor
faction supervisor 1.jpg
faction supervisor 2.jpg
faction supervisor 3.jpg
faction supervisor 4.jpg
she will let you enter the guild house invasion
guild house.jpg
there are a couple of bosses spawned there and it's mainly used to lvl up to 151 as it's the only spot in game where you can get exp after lvl150
all the way in the back you'll find Epic Vanished Ancestor
epic vanished ancestor.jpg
he only has a small chance to drop Ancient coins though so he doesn't drop them every time you kill him. This boss is also quite hard so better not try him alone

2.3.3 Zombie Apocalypse
LMS has added this Daily quest for lvl120+ players. For lvl 120-139 players it has a chance of rewarding Ancient coins, for lvl 140+ players the reward is changed to a chance of getting a Ring of Power instead.

you can get the quest at Daily Activities in ADC west
daily activities location 1.jpg
daily activities location 2.jpg
talk to her
daily activities 1.jpg
daily activities 2.jpg
daily activities 3.jpg
she will teleport you to a small room filled with zombies
zombies 1.jpg
be prepared before you go in, these zombies will attack all at once.
zombies 2.jpg
there are both magic and melee zombies, fortunately their movement speed is quite slow.
After you kill them all you'll be teleported back to the NPC and you can collect your reward.

i hope this makes things more clear for everyone.
Happy gaming all!