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Post by Hobbs » 17 Feb 2015, 22:33

Dear LMS.

I have a few suggestion for LMSPW 1000x because i've seen the game is being unactive.
And not only players, GM's also.

The server needs a new farming way. Or something new. Something fun and not boring at all.
Right now, farming takes a while and is a bit boring xs. Also since the server is unactive its hard to get people teamup to farm. Also increase the droprate.

Add more daily events, like automatic events that enjoy's everyone. With good,usefull drops.
And double drop/rates should be given more.

Add more things to the boutique (G17/18/19/etc), so people would vote! And the server would get populair

Add a new donation methode. Weapon reskinner. Like people can donate for a new weapon layout. (like at the begin of LMSPW 1000x there was different colours of warsoul armor)

And many more... Just in general, add more things to do. New stuff.