1000x Server time poll

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1000x Server time poll

Post by LMS » 08 Feb 2015, 18:44

To make it more convenient for most players we're thinking about changing the server time. please take a vote and let us know what server time you prefer.

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Re: 1000x Server time poll

Post by Shara » 13 Feb 2015, 19:36

foopsterm wrote:I confess I don't actually pay attention to the server time. :o

Wouldn't GMT (aka "Universal Time" aka UT) be the obvious choice?
Well knowing the time can be handy for those who want to join in on sunday's rancor and such.

As for the GMT thing, currently the time is on GMT +1, and sure a general time is handy but those from malaysia and such countries miss TW, events and/or whatever else because they're on at different times, and if that happens to be quite a bunch of players it's a bit of a problem, hence the poll to vote for a different timezone. :)

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