Buff icons, etc. (Guide to explain things for noobies)

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Buff icons, etc. (Guide to explain things for noobies)

Post by AyianaZera » 17 Nov 2014, 14:01

So much Image (QQ) about hacks and crap so making a thread to explain some things.

Also Image old/long/experienced gamers that have been here for a very long time and to still not know about these things... :?

First Buff icons. - If someone got full buffs and happens to use a pill like antistun the icon ends up at the end of the buff icon list and will not show to any player selecting the player using antistun pill.
There can be more pills that have similar things like 6 seconds resist, but PWI simply didn't program all buffs to show in the older version, probably because people would rarely get full buffs on the real game or whatever.

Just wanted to explain it, and if you didn't read it and still cry about buffs then Image

Will add some images to show the crybabies and hopefully they stop crying.

(Yes sparky, kidnapped your EA for the screenshots. Image)

-Player with full buff icons.

-Player selected by another player with reduced/limited buff icons showing below the fully buffed player (no antistun showing).

-Player with full buffs with antistun icon location (at the end of the buffs, this is why it does not show up to other players).

-Antistun pill description (for the noobs who don't know about it, also it can be crafted at ADC West apoth or requires a specific TW map)

Red G20 mat spam - "QQ GM, player is hacking mats" Image Sad really...
Monsters drop mats aswell as that mine/ore/log thing that you can dig, if players happen to pk well too bad, pick up the mats and don't complain. Most of the time you do cry about others pking you're probably doing it aswell in a group with others so just shush.