Newbie Guide for patch 78 ( 1000x )

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Newbie Guide for patch 78 ( 1000x )

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hello everyone!!

Recently we have done another update this time with ALOT of changes. Some people might not understand the changes made but we can assure you that everything that we changed was for balancing purposes and to make it easier for everyone to reach the top.
due to these new changes we are obligated to write a new beginners guide for you guys so you will know exactly what to do.

The first steps into LMS

when you create a new character on this server you start in West City of Archosaur ( 534,650). Your character is already level 109 ( level cap is 150) and has the following things.

[attachment=64]West adc.jpg[/attachment]

- All skills are level 10 so you won’t have to learn those until you’re going Demon or Sage, which I will explain later on.

[attachment=81]beginners skills.jpg[/attachment]

- You have 3 crafting skills Blacksmith, which is used to create weapons. Tailor, which is used to create armor and Jeweller, which is used to create jewels. All these skills are level 6 so you won’t have to do the quests to get them. Pharmacy has been left out to make you guys work a bit for something so if you want that skill you will have to get it the old fashioned way.

[attachment=84]beginners crafting skills.jpg[/attachment]

- Your character is already TT (twilight temple) 80 and 90 armor, all stoned and refined until it’s +12. There have been placed special addons of interval and casting on your armor to make farming and leveling easier

[attachment=82]beginners set.jpg[/attachment]

- Your inventory is holding 2 storage extension stones which you can give to the banker to increase your bank slots. It’s also holding 10 teleport stones to teleport to every waypoint on the normal map, 10 transcendental scrolls which give you twice as much EXP for 1 hour when you activate one, a geographical map which opens every waypoint on the main map when you activate it, 2 charms a spirit and hp one and 20 teleport stones which teleport you straight to the newbie dungeon.
When you have made your char and have entered the game the first thing you should do is.... turn on your volume to hear the nice music in West City of Archosaur ( will refer to that place as ADC west from now on). Once you are enjoying the music (or not) you should open your inventory ( press B) and activate the Geographical map by clicking on it with the right button of your mouse. This will unlock every teleport waypoint on the map.

[attachment=75]geo map.jpg[/attachment]

Then you press C to open your character info, there you will see that you have alot of attribute points which you can divide over the 4 different attributes.

[attachment=86]attribute points.jpg[/attachment]

- Vit ( Vitality) which gives you more constitution ( hp) and increases your physical and magical defence a bit
- Mag ( Magic) which increases your mana ( mp) and magical attack
- Str ( Strength) which increases your physical attack and defence
- Dex ( Dexerity) which increases your physical range attacks (when you’re using a bow or sling) Accuracy which is your ability to hit your opponent, Evasion which is your ability to dodge your opponent and critical hit rate which obviously is your chance to have a critical hit on your opponent

You get 5 attribute points with every level your character grows and you need to divide them wisely to use your armor and weapons. A lot of your attribute points have already been divided over your attributes as your character is already wearing armor. Also don’t forget to make your skillbars ready to use. To put skills in your skillbars press R and drag your skills from there to a spot in your skillbar.


Once you have done all of that you’re good to go and set your first steps into LMS Perfect world. When you walk over the road you can see all kinds of NPC’s and forges. These are customed for our server and can help you a lot during your time here.


Starting guide for Venomancer / werefox

As a veno you don’t start in ADC west like the other characters. As veno you start in City of the Lost (258,645). Everything is the same as for the other classes except that you will have to get your pet related skills as well that’s why you start here.

[attachment=65]veno starting point.jpg[/attachment]

To get your pet related skills and your first pet you do the following

- Talk to Pet Skill Trainer Hu who is standing in front of you
[attachment=72]Pet skill trainer Hu.jpg[/attachment]
- Turn in the quest
- Take the new quest and decide whether you want a wolf or a scorpion ( doesn’t really matter here because these pets are really weak for this server)
- Go kill the requested monsters from the quest until you get the desired item ( 238, 653 for the wolves 244,617 for the scorpions)

[attachment=70]sharptooth wolfling.jpg[/attachment]

[attachment=67]Varicose Scorpion.jpg[/attachment]

- Deliver the quest to Pet Skill Trainer Hu
[attachment=72]Pet skill trainer Hu.jpg[/attachment]
- Take the new quest from Pet Skill Trainer Hu
- Deliver it again
- Take the new quest from Pet Skill Trainer Hu
- Go to 221, 598 and kill Rhinodrake Plainwalkers until you get the fresh meatloaf you need for your quest
[attachment=71]rinodrake plainswalker.jpg[/attachment]
- Go to 213,592 and dig the flower
[attachment=78]flower 1.jpg[/attachment]
- Go to 209,587 and dig the flower
[attachment=77]flower 2.jpg[/attachment]
- Go to 210,583 and dig the flower
[attachment=76]flower 3.jpg[/attachment]
- Go to 212,591 and dig the fire stack
[attachment=79]fire stack.jpg[/attachment]
- A monster will be summoned once you’re done digging the fire stack, run around a bit until it disappears.
- Go back to Pet Skill Trainer Hu and deliver the quest
[attachment=72]Pet skill trainer Hu.jpg[/attachment]

After you have done this you will have unlocked all the pet based skills and 2 pet slots. You can now learn those skills from the Pet Skill Trainer and also carry pets with you.

If you want to expand your pet bag (press P) to the maximum amount of slots you can buy a super cage from the boutique (press O) or go to ADC West (528,654) talk to the forge with the name LM$ Coins

[attachment=74]LMS coin.jpg[/attachment]

and buy 8 cages there for 1.050.000 coins each. Then go to a Pet Skill Trainer and take the quest there to increase your pet bag slots by finding a cage. Take and deliver that quest 8 times until your cages are gone and you have opened all pet bag slots.


As an experienced veno i advice to get a Penguin King and Dangerous Inamorato Sting as pets. you can buy them in boutique for 700 cubi each in NEW > Batlle tab
[attachment=85]battle pets.jpg[/attachment]

So now we’re at the same point in game as every other class and will everything be the same again. except that you still have to teleport or fly to ADC. just activate your Geographical map and wait until it's loaded so you can teleport.

Ok so we had a small introduction of our server and the basics to get started soooo lets get started shall we? =)

First time in LMS Perfect World

How to level up and get geared up

as this server is customised we have added some Daily quests for every level, you can find these daily quests at Duke Blake ( 525,654) in ADC West. To make it easier for newbies there are 2 quests, 1 daily and the other one can be done whenever you want as much as you want you just have to relog every time when you have delivered it.
The quests for newbies are all in the newbie dungeon. Secret Passage has been turned into our own newbie dungeon and the mobs there drop TT 99 mats which you can use to make TT99 armor. You don’t have to buy the molds for that armor as you are wearing your own molds already. With your crafting skills you can decompose the armor you have into molds for your TT99.
With your TT99 gear you can craft level 109 Gear and with your level 109 gear you can craft G16 ( Warsoul ) Gear. You only have to do the dailies to get Newbie Tickets because those are needed to craft your armor in the easy, less expensive way. Also if you activate one of your EXP scrolls you get quite some EXP while doing these quests. These daily quests are for level 100-115

Of course it’s also nice to know where you can craft your gear so here is a list
• TT99 can be crafted at the TT forges in ADC South at ( 520,627)
[attachment=68]TT forges.jpg[/attachment]
• Level 109 gear can be crafted in the Beginner forges at ( 528,651) in ADC West
[attachment=83]beginners forges.jpg[/attachment]
• G16, G17 armor can be crafted at the Beginner forges Forges at ( 528,651) in ADC West
[attachment=83]beginners forges.jpg[/attachment]
• G18, G19, G19R and G20 gear can be Crafted in the Advanced forges Forges at ( 529,652) in ADC West
[attachment=87]advanced forges.jpg[/attachment]
When you craft new gear you will also have to refine and stone it, luckily you can buy all dragon balls and stones with in game coins at the LM$ Coin forge.

Because this is a customised server we also have customised FB’s
• Secret Passage is the newbie dungeon suitable for level 100-115 and also the daily quests are located there. By doing the newbie Quests you can get Newbie tickets, which will make it easier for you to craft higher level gear.
[attachment=45]Secret Passage.jpg[/attachment]
• Den of Rabit Wolves, Cave of the Vicious and Fiercang Grotto aka PWI’s FB19’s are turned into FB119 caves here. These caves drop materials for G16 gear and give quite some EXP
[attachment=50]Den of Rabit wolves.jpg[/attachment]
[attachment=51]Cave of the Vicious.jpg[/attachment]
[attachment=49]Firecang Grotto.jpg[/attachment]
• Gate of Delerium aka PWI’s FB39 has been turned into FB129 it drops materials needed for G17 nirvana gear and G18 gear. Also there are dailies located here for level 125-135
[attachment=47]Gate of Delerium.jpg[/attachment]
• Secret Frostcover Grounds aka PWI’s FB49 has been turned into FB139 it drops materials needed for G17 Nirvana gear and G18 gear, also dailies are located here for level 135+
[attachment=46]Secret Frostcovered Grounds.jpg[/attachment]
• Valley of Disaster aka PWI’s FB59 has been turned into FB149 it drops materials needed for G19 gear and also dailies are located here for level 135+
[attachment=48]Valley of Disaster.jpg[/attachment]
• Wraithgate aka PWI's FB69 has been turned into FB 149 it drops materials needed for G19R gear

you can acces all FB's ( except Secret Passage ) through the Illusion Stones located in ADC west, north and east
[attachment=44]Illusion Stone.jpg[/attachment]

Molds for your gear
Different gear requires different molds so here is a list of where you can find molds for your gear.

• Decompose the armor you’re already wearing to TT99 molds
• Buy the molds for cubi gold in boutique

Level 109 ( G15)
• Use your TT99 armor parts as molds for your g15 gear ( combined with newbie tickets)
• Buy 15 5 star dragon balls from LM$ coin forge in ADC West and craft your gear the normal way
• there is also a quest ticket available in boutique for lvl 105 - 120. You will have to kill the monsters from the quest and deliver it to Duke Black. He will give you a 109 armor set of choice as reward

G16 / Warsoul
• Enter the cube of faith and you will get ported to Warsoul bosses, kill them to get the molds for warsoul armor. Warsoul Bosses are also located in the newbie dungeon, however, not everyone can enter there
• You can use your G15 gear to craft your G16 gear, you will still need the molds from the bosses but when you use your G15 gear you will need less materials then when you craft it with just the mold
• There is also a quest ticket available in boutique for lvl 110 - 125. you will have to kill the bosses from the quests and deliver it to Duke Black. He will give you a G16 armor set of choice as reward
• a free newbie g16 set is handed out when you reach lvl 115, this set isn't as strong as a crafted one or one obtained from the quest ticket

• Decompose your G16 gear to get molds for G17 gear
• There is also a quest ticket available in boutique for lvl 120 - 135. you will have to kill the bosses from the quests and deliver it to Duke Black. He will give you a G17 armor set of choice as reward
• World Bosses have a chance of dropping G17 armor parts
• a free newbie g17 set is handed out when you reach lvl 125, this set isn't as strong as a crafted one or one obtained from the quest ticket

NOTE : Quest Tickets can only be done ONCE PER CHARACTER and CANNOT be traded
[attachment=42]quest tickets.jpg[/attachment]

G17 bossed can be found on these locations

• 103,661
[attachment=63]103 611.jpg[/attachment]
• 116,957
[attachment=62]116 957.jpg[/attachment]
• 173,620
[attachment=61]173 620.jpg[/attachment]
• 208,996
[attachment=60]208 996.jpg[/attachment]
• 270,825
[attachment=59]270 825.jpg[/attachment]
• 338,970
[attachment=58]338 970.jpg[/attachment]
• 379,979
[attachment=57]379 979.jpg[/attachment]
• 418,591
[attachment=56]418 591.jpg[/attachment]
• 443,969
[attachment=55]443 969.jpg[/attachment]
• 491,997
[attachment=54]491 997.jpg[/attachment]
• 568,930
[attachment=53]568 930.jpg[/attachment]
• 598,511
[attachment=52]598 511.jpg[/attachment]


• These molds drop from G18 bosses which can be found on the TideBorn Islands
• Decompose your G17 gear to get molds for G18
• Quest ticket for G18 set can be bought in Boutique, you'll have to kill all 3 bosses in fb139 to complete it
• G18 newbie set will be handed out when you reach lvl 135 this set isn't as strong as a crafted one or one obtained through quest tickets

G18 bosses can be found on these locations
• 524,148
[attachment=32]524 148 g18 boss.jpg[/attachment]
• 525,130
[attachment=31]525 130 g18 boss.jpg[/attachment]
• 560 ,150
[attachment=30]560 150 g18 boss.jpg[/attachment]
• 620 ,168
[attachment=29]620 168 g18 boss.jpg[/attachment]
• 641,179
[attachment=28]641 179 g19 boss.jpg[/attachment]

• Use your G18 gear as mold for G19 there are no other ways to get molds for G19 yet. For your G19 weapons you will have to decompose your G18 weapons to get a mold

•Use your G19 armor as molds, there is no other way to get G19R molds

•Use your G19R armor as molds, there is no other way to get G20 molds
•The mats needed to craft the armor/weapons (Including your G19R armor as mold, ofc.) can be found on these locations:

•Snowdragon Heights (442 242)

[attachment=11]g20 ore spot.jpg[/attachment]

•Tai Chi Shore (577 990)

[attachment=10]g20 logs spot.jpg[/attachment]

•Arena (SZ Spot) (368 545)

[attachment=9]G20 arena spot.jpg[/attachment]
Something else about crafting G19 / G19R / G20 gear which can be very important is that besides the normal mats and molds you also need a material called Superior Element. This material can be bought for 10m each but only once a day from Ti Chien at (129,855) in City of Thousand Streams. You need 300k reputation, R9 and level 135 to be able to buy it. this material can't be traded so think wisely about what char you pick to get R9 on!!

• You can check this link for usefull info and guide about the Superior Element and Repurtation ->

a list of what materials drop where :

Secret Passage
• TT materials needed to craft HH / TT 99 gear as well as G16 materials

FB 119's ( G16 )

• Material God : Ksitigarbha Stele / stone (FB Firecrag Grotto)
• Material God : Steel Stele / stone (FB Firecrag Grotto)
• Material God : Virtuous Stele / stone (FB Wolf Den)
• Material God : Manjushri Stele / stone (FB Wolf Den)
• Material God : Hollow Stele / stone (FB Cave of Vicious)
• Material God : Removal Stele / stone (FB Cave of Vicious)
• Material God : Guanyin Stele / stone (Last Boss of each FB)


[attachment=2]G16 mats steles.jpg[/attachment]


[attachment=3]G16 mats stones.jpg[/attachment]

FB129 ( G17 )

• G17 Ember
• G17 Pearl

[attachment=4]G17 mats.jpg[/attachment]

FB 139 ( G18 )

• Uncanny Crystal
• Soul Crystal
• Raw Crystal
• Mystic Fiber
• Beast Blood
• Dark Soul

[attachment=5]G18 mats.jpg[/attachment]

FB 149 ( G19 )

• Deteriated Skin
• Ancient Prism
• Breathe of fire
• Powerful force
• Quill of Ascendance

[attachment=6]G19 mats.jpg[/attachment]

Wraithgate ( G19R )

• Devils Breathe

[attachment=7]G19R mats.jpg[/attachment]

•G20 materials drop from Winged Calamity, Twisted Twinmask on 575 988 (Tai Chi Shore), 442 238 Snowdragon Heights and inside Arena Caves (Arena caves is Safe zone).
•Supreme Ore
•Supreme Logs
•G20 Ore

[attachment=8]G20 mats.jpg[/attachment]

Daylie quests

Duke Black in ADC west holds some quests players can do daily for materials, rep and experience.
• the newbie quests, these can be done until level 115. they must be completed in the Secret Passage ( Newbie Dungeon ).
• 115 - 125 quests which take place in FB119's
• 125 - 135 quests which take place in FB129
• 130+ quests which will want you to kill the following mobs. Lochmur Disciple (537 173), Lochmur Fighter, (520 145) Nightspike Scout, (574 121) on 537 173 (Shattered Cloud Island). It will reward you with G18 Opals
• 135+ quest which will be in FB139
• 5 quests for FB 149 which will reward you with random G19 mats
• 135 + quest which will want you to kill the following mobs. Glacial Walker (666 176) Flaming Walker (666 175) Trident Nightspike (647 160) Corrupted Brute (666 174) (Just apply to finish the g19 ore quest) on 666 176 (Barrier Island). It will reward you with G19 Ore

Recently we've added more daylie quests for players to enjoy. in front of the Illusion stone in ADC west you'll see NPC's
Daily Gathering
[attachment=1]Daily Gathering.jpg[/attachment]
which will ask you to mine materials for him. ( lvl cap is 140 )
here is the link to the guide for these quests

there is another NPC next to him
[attachment=0]Daily Quests npc.jpg[/attachment]
he will have certain quests for you depending on your level. These quests give nice EXP, gold and refinement balls / stones.
if you can't find a monster he is requesting you to kill i suggest you use and just type the name of the monster you're searching for in the search engine. it will lead you to the monsters personal page which has a map uploaded on the bottom with all locations you can find that specific monster at.

Then there is another Daylie quest for high lvls to get G20 mats.
this quest is handed out by the old swordsman in Hallicunatory Trench.
it will tell you to kill some bosses and will reward you with G20 materials

There is also a Daily Quest to pick up Superior elements for 10m at Ti Chien ( 129 , 855 )

The first thing every player must realize is that you don’t have to do every cultivation here. You start with the cultivation of level 81.


Here is the guide for the cultivation(s) including the coordinates from spots and monsters.
- Speak to Dreamweaver Elder (662 375) ↑26 to complete the quest
- Kill Slaughtarm Kuron lvl81 (266 878) ↑22
Speak to Elder of the Streams (131 858) ↑38 to complete the quest
- Kill: Burning Spirit lvl85 (170 774) ↑22 to obtain Token of Blazing Fire (Rate: 100%)
- Tangleweed lvl84 (225 862) ↑23 to obtain Token of Heaven Flora (Rate: 100%)
- Frost Fairie lvl89 (147 927) ↑26 to obtain Token of Ancient Glacier (Rate: 100%)
- Toras lvl83 (282 810) ↑24 to obtain Token of Central Land (Rate: 100%)
- Speak to Elder of the Streams (131 858) ↑38 to complete the quest

Now you will have to make a choice between Demon and Sage. Demon is more for dealing damage in PvP and such while Sage has a more defensive purpose. The cultivations are hard for new created chars so asking for help to more experienced players is certainly recommended.

All Demon and Sage Skill Books can be purchased in ADC West at the LMS Holy Book forge and the LMS Dark Book forge

To learn Demon Skills you enter the red gate in City of Thousand Streams and go to (334,461) you will find all the skill masters there
To learn Sage skills you enter the blue gate in City of Thousand Streams and go to ( 475,499) you will find all the skill masters there

Keep in mind that you need the skill books, enough spirit, coins and the required cultivation to learn these skills.


Speak to Mo Zun ○ Demon Guide (129 841) ↑38
[attachment=22]demon guide.jpg[/attachment]
Go to (186 409) ↑71.5 (pop-up)
Speak to Mo Zun ○ Demon Guide (129 841) ↑38
[attachment=22]demon guide.jpg[/attachment]
Speak to Cait of Wisdom (328 554) ↑32
[attachment=27]Cait of Wisdom.jpg[/attachment]
Click on Lunar Crystal (254 490) ↑31 to obtain Lunar Crystal
[attachment=19]lunar crystal.jpg[/attachment]
Speak to Cait of Wisdom (328 554) ↑32
[attachment=27]Cait of Wisdom.jpg[/attachment]
Give 10 Celestone of Heaven, 10 Celestone of Earth and 10 Celestone of Human to Cait of Wisdom (328 554) ↑32
these can be purchased at LM$ Coin in Archosaur West

Go to FB89 Eden
Kill Thousand Year Spirit lvl91 (414 550) ↑27 in Eden to obtain Phlebo's Key (Rate: 100%)
\[attachment=12]thousan year spirit.jpg[/attachment]
Kill Ninetails lvl92 (419 594) ↑27 in Eden to obtain Phlebo's Letter (Rate: 100%)
Kill Phlebo lvl93 (382 592) ↑29 in Eden
Click on Phlebo's Chest (383 591) ↑29 in Eden to obtain Princess's Soulfire

Speak to Mo Zun ○ Demon Guide (129 841) ↑38 to complete the quest
[attachment=22]demon guide.jpg[/attachment]
Speak to Elder of the Streams (131 858) ↑38 to complete the quest
[attachment=20]elder of the streams.jpg[/attachment]
Speak to Nibu Ru, Demon Overlord (332 464) ↑26 in Momaganon to complete the quest
[attachment=17]nibu ru.jpg[/attachment]

Speak to Master Li ● Sage Guide (129 836) ↑38
[attachment=13]sage guide.jpg[/attachment]
Speak to Celestial Elder (449 452) ↑57
[attachment=26]celestial elder.jpg[/attachment]
Speak to Merchant Chiang (459 342) ↑25
[attachment=18]merchant chiang.jpg[/attachment]
Click on Connection Grass (433 344) ↑30 to obtain Rhinohorn Herb
[attachment=23]connection grass.jpg[/attachment]
Speak to Merchant Chiang (459 342) ↑25
[attachment=18]merchant chiang.jpg[/attachment]
Give 10 Celestone of Heaven, 10 Celestone of Earth and 10 Celestone of Human to Merchant Chiang (459 342) ↑25
These can be purchased at the LM$ Coin forge in Aurchosaur West

Speak to Celestial Elder (449 452) ↑57
[attachment=26]celestial elder.jpg[/attachment]
Go to (118 994) ↑22.5 (pop-up)
Speak to Master Li ● Sage Guide (129 836) ↑38 to complete the quest

Speak to Elder of the Streams (131 858) ↑38 to complete the quest
[attachment=20]elder of the streams.jpg[/attachment]
Speak to Celestial Savant (481 506) ↑19 in Lothranis to complete the quest
[attachment=25]celestial savant.jpg[/attachment]

Ways to build your character

Ok so i promised i would give some advices on armor so that’s what i’m going to do for each class.

In this server you are able to get all skills and weapons so you don’t have to specialise your char to just one or two weapons like on PWI. LMS Perfect World is based on APS, Attacks Per Second, it basically means that every WR is a fist WR in the first place, because that is the only way to reach 5.0 APS, and use other weapons to have access to their other skills.
you can choose to make your WR HA ( Heavy Armor) or LA ( Light Armor). When you make it HA you have more physical defence and attack because most of your attribute points are going into STR. The downside is that you don’t have a lot of magical defence, dodge or evasion. When you make it LA you have less physical defence and attack but your magical defence, dodge and evasion are better. Both ways are good to play on this server you just need to learn how to play your char.

Mages are pretty strong with their variety of skills give them a lot of ways to play. On this server you already have all skills so also with a Mage you won’t have to specialise yourself to just one element. With a mage the casting is most important, together with its magic attack therefore the best way to go for a Mage is AA (Arcane Armor). G16 + AA armor has -6 casting on it to increase the casting of mage classes. Another way to go is LA, it will be easier to grind because you die less easy. Downside is that your magical attack and channelling are way less then when you go AA so your damage isn’t as good. With LA your defence is way better though so it’s up to you as a player to decide which way you want to go.

Barbarian / Werebeast
For a WB the only way to go really is HA, you are supposed to be a tank so you need a lot of defence. The only thing you can do is decide whether you want a STR build for a lot of physical defence and attack or a Vit build for less attack but more HP and magical defence. Also it’s not weird for a WB to get APS so don’t stick with just your hammer or axe.

With a WF it’s all about your play style, because a WF can go AA as well as LA or HA. you really need to think it through. You know the pro’s and con’s from AA , LA and HA about now. An AA WF has more casting and more magic attack but they are more squishy against physical attacks. An LA WF has the advantage that she has more def against phy classes and still a decent amount of def against mage classes. By using a G17 WF sword they are also still able to use their magic skills and have APS in fox form. HA WF is a bit risky, they can have a lot of phy def but are squishy against mage classes. They might be able to use a G17 sword in higher lvls but untill then they are forced to glitch their WF into fox form, which basically means that you cannot use your human form skills.

For an Archer on this server APS is also very important because it helps you with grinding and PvP. LA gears ( G16 + ) already have an add on of -0.10 interval each. so combined with daggers / claws / fists that would make 5.0 APS possible. You could think about putting your EA in HA gear as the aps won't change but the phy def will increase. The downside on that though is that your dodge rate, accuracy rate and critical hit rate will drop, which for an archer are crucial for survival in PvP.

Cleric /Elf Priest ( See warning below )
For an EP it’s the same story as with a mage, magic attack and casting are the most important things, also in PvP the heals from an EP are powerful when it’s AA. LA has better physical defence like always but your casting, magic attack and defence will get less when you go LA even though an EP can still be annoying with just sleeping and counter buffing.

HOWEVER, due to people playing unfair and using scripts or autoclicking programs, LMSPW has decided to lower the max amount of casting for the whole server. no one will be able to cast faster then 95%. It does NOT matter if you find a way to get more then 95% on your character. The server will automatically read it as 98%. Therefor no char can be fully insta cast anymore.

leveling your crafting skills

You already have lvl 6 tailor, blacksmith and craftsman when you create your character. However to be able to craft high level gears you need to level your crafting skills as well. The max level of your crafting skills is lvl 10.

Because you already have them level 6 it has been made easier for you to level your crafting skills because you won't have to do any quests for it. All you need to do is buy the skill ( lvl 7, 8, 9 and 10 ) books from LM$ Coin forge and go to a tailor / blacksmith / craftsman , depending on which skill you are leveling, and craft some gears.

NOTE : All Materials needed to craft NPC gear can be found in a forge called " crafting materials " in ADC west

Example : my Blacksmith level is 6 right now, i bought a book for level 7. Now i need to find a Blacksmith where i can craft level 6 weapons. With every level 6 weapon i craft i get crafting Experience. When my crafting Experience is 100% i am ready to proceed to the next level. This is where my skill book comes in. With my 100% experience and my skill book i now have to go to an elder ( located in every big city ) and pick the option " learn production skill " in this example it should show me that i can learn level 7 blacksmith. Click on the skill in the list and press confirm and tadaaaaa your blacksmith is now level 7. To make it level 8 you do the exact same thing but now with level 7 weapons and a level 8 skill book.

To craft level 6 / 7 stuff you can go to Dreamweaver port. The NPC's there will have them in their crafting lists.
To craft level 8 + stuff however you can stay in ADC west. When following the path to General summer you see a couple of NPC's alongside the road which are also called blacksmith , tailor , craftsman. Those NPC's are designed to have level 8+ gear in their crafting lists.
Daily Quests npc.jpg
Daily Gathering.jpg
G16 mats steles.jpg
G16 mats stones.jpg
G17 mats.jpg
G17 mats.jpg (60.42 KiB) Viewed 9233 times
G18 mats.jpg
G19 mats.jpg
G19R mats.jpg
G19R mats.jpg (14.21 KiB) Viewed 9233 times
G20 mats.jpg
G20 arena spot.jpg
g20 logs spot.jpg
g20 ore spot.jpg
thousan year spirit.jpg
sage guide.jpg
messenger of divinity.jpg
nibu ru.jpg
merchant chiang.jpg
lunar crystal.jpg
lunar crystal.jpg (58.18 KiB) Viewed 9521 times
elder of the streams.jpg
devils specter.jpg
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connection grass.jpg
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Ethereal Abomination.jpg
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