22.02.2016 - 1.3.6 1000x Server update 68-92

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22.02.2016 - 1.3.6 1000x Server update 68-92

Post by LMS » 14 Aug 2014, 19:09

Start game via patcher to autoupdate your client.

22.02.2016 Patch 92

- added LMS Gold into Boutique-LMS Coins
- added crafting of high capacity HM/MP Hieros into Jewelcraftsman and removed from LMS Coins forge
- added 2 new Bosses into Nightscream Island, respawn 1 hour. Easier then Raid Bosses, and 3x less drop chance (g21 mats, Lunar ores, LMS Gold, LMS Platinum, Donator coin).
- increased drop chance of normal mobs in Nightscream Island
- added LMS Gold reward into Daily Roll Call quest
- shortened Cultivation quest, now don't need to kill bosses in Brimstone Pit/Eden
- added more stats to both Ring of Power
- decreased resources needed to craft g19 gears
- Twilight Temple 3-3 Bosses now drop LMS Gold instead of LMS Silver, mobs have also chance to drop LMS Gold
- added LMS Gold into Spawn event 4 drops
- FB139 Bosses decreased damage
- FB149 Mobs decreased dodge
- added set bonus for Donator Belt and Necklace
- slightly decreased WF pet attack
- added new daily quests in each Territory Officer. Collect all territories tickets to craft Token of Faith (to craft end game Tome). Available only for guild members that control territory.
- decrease price of g17-19 gears in donator shop
- add new lucky tickets into Boutique
- updated guild icons
- fixed some bugs

15.02.2016 Patch 91

- Nightscream Island was customized, mobs have chance to drop g20 mats and LMS Gold, 3 bosses (respawn 4h) have chance to drop G20-21 mats, platinum, spawn event ticket.
- now you have chance to craft LMS Platinum from LMS Gold in Gamble NPC
- increased reward chance for Lunar ore quests
- updated guild icons

12.01.2016 Patch 90

- added New Era G21 gears. Farm Eden, Brimstone Pit, Lunar, Heaven and Hell for materials. Details in guide - viewtopic.php?f=8&t=23212.
- added Custom Forge in West Archosaur that uses LMS Platinum.
- refining in 1 click now! consume just 1 Dragon orb.
- updated Donator Jewelry
- updated WF pets, they are more balanced now
- updated Pet Exp questin Gate of Delirium, now mobs will autoattack you so you can afk lvlup by setting your pet in defence mode.
- fixed some bugs
- updated guild icons

30.11.2015 - Patch 89

-added free auto quest for -8/-10 cast accessories set for MG,EP,WF,EA, physical accessories for WB,WR
-added reforge of elemental jewelry in Beginer and Advanced accessory forge
-g16-g20 elemental accessories now have -8 and -10 cast and pdef
-increased pdef in -10/-8 donation jew, and better addons
-added mdef hieros 5x for 50 cubis in Itemmall-PvP
-decreased EP weapons physical damage
-decreased prices in Itemmall-mats-g16-19
-updated Guild icons

22.11.2015 - Patch 88

- insta cast is back. All magic weapons (g17+) was rebalanced. You must update them in ROA forge.Warning! If you have Custom weapon Contact LMS for free update
- EA, WB can use now up to g19 magic jewelry, WR up to g18
- added latest fashion, flights, pets, rides from PWI into Boutique.
- added spawn event 4 into Savage Native in Tusk Town, and Officer of Misfortune in City of Misfortune

17.09.2015 - Patch 87

- Server hardware was updated, address changed. You wont be able to login with outdated client.
- added g18 Jewelry quest ticket into boutique. Non tradable, only 1 use per char.
- added Gamble NPC. You can win LMS Gold and LMS Platinum.
- new currency - LMS Gold, you can use for big volumes of money operations, store gold.
- Rancor invasion is everyday now in Dreamweaver and Thousand Streams (20:00 server time)
- added Gorilla spawns (drop Platinum) in each room of weekly PvP Tournament
- added attack and defence hieros into daily signout reward in Daily Activities NPC
- updated guild icons

07.09.2015 - Patch 86

- Starting level was increased to 115!
- Server time changed +2 hours (now its +5GMT)
- Exp requirement for lvlup was decreased (faster lvlup)
- Increased 2x gold drop in FB109 (Hall of Blasphemy)
- SP ticket moved from Donator shop to LM$ Coins forge
- added Spawn event for pets in FB 129. Buy tickets in Boutique. Easy and fast lvlup your pet.
- added Wines into LM$ Coins forge
- PvP Ore drop and gold drop increased in Cave of Sadistic Glee
- Mystical Tome Fragment price was decreased
- Custom Edit ticket price was decreased
- added Rancor event on Thursdays 4AM server time
- Weekly PvP Tournament wait time decreased
- removed annoying mobs spawned after digging LMS Platinum chests
- fixed bugged fashion
- updated guild icons

23.07.2015 - Patch 85

- all HP and MP hieros have 2x more points
- added cheap fast flights in Shop NPC (west Archosaur) for new players
- added basic crafting materials into Materials forge
- Twilight Temple (TT) Bosses have less HP (all modes), drops increased (squad mode)
- Spawn Event quests from Guard Chin outside West Archosaur now have chance to drop Platinums
- Platinum treasure chest drop chance of platinum increased 2x
- Zombie Survival quest from Daily Activities NPC now give also 2 LMS Platinum (150), 1 LMS Platinum (130)
- added new flights in Boutique-Flights-NEW3
- added new pets in Boutique-Pets
- added new fashion in Boutique-New
- fixed bugged fashion
- updated guild icons
Manual patch

10.07.2015 - Patch 84

- added new Platinum treasure chest spawned randomly around the world. There is a chance to harvest LMS Platinum or Spawn event ticket or LMS Silver. Require mining Shovel for each chest. Can be spawned anywhere, even under water. Respawn every 20 min in random place.
- MG and WF g17-20 weapons was changed for balancing purposes, you have to update them in ROW. If you have custom weapon contact LMS for free update
- Twilight Temple (TT) Act 3 was customized:
3-1, 3-2 drops g19 mats
3-3 drops g20 mats
- Chiu Yu in City of Thousand Streams have new 3 quests that gives superior elements at 100k, 200k and 400k reputation
- added alternative way of crafting g16-18 weapons in Blacksmiths of main cities
- added alternative way of crafting g16-18 armors in Tailors of main cities
- added alternative way of crafting g16-18 jewelery in Craftsmans of main cities
- added alternative way of crafting g19 weapons in Blacksmith (8+) in West Archosaur
- added alternative way of crafting g19 armorns in Armorer (8+) in West Archosaur
- added alternative way of crafting g19 jewelry in Jeweler (8+) in West Archosaur
- all standart mines in the world now give 2x more resources (materials for grade 4-13)
- materials forge (g4-13) was removed due to alt way of crafting equipment. You can still buy them in Boutique or harvest from mines around the world
- added new Spawn Event quests to Guard Chin outside West Archosaur. Harvest Spawn event ticket from mines around the world to start event anytime for you and your friends. Each lvl range have own spawn.
- added new fashion in Boutique-New and in LMS Fashion forge
- added Dancing pets in Boutique-New
- -8 and -10 cast neck/adorn now have additinal bonus +1% crit and int 100 requirement.
- g16, g15, g14 magic jewelry now have 200 int requirement for balancing purposes. You can update at LMS Jeweler NPC
- decreased price for crafting books
- updated guild icons

26.06.2015 - Patch 83

- Twilight Temple (TT) Act 1 and 2 was customized:
1-1 drops g16 mats and molds
1-2, 2-1 drops g17 mats and molds
1-3, 2-2 drops g18 mats
2-3 drops g19 mats
- added custom edit ticket into Donator shop
- added mirage stones info starter refine pack
- rancor mobs now have more hp and gives more exp and gold
- decreased price for mirage stones
- newbie set now have green color
- g19r color have changed
- Warsoul Bosses are easier now
- decreased amount of g16 mats required to craft Martial god armor/weapon
- added teleport to Sadistic Glee in Illusion Stone
- updated guild icons

Video guide for TT https://youtu.be/YvHygDk270A

16.06.2015 Patch 81:

- added custom transfer ticket, max sockets ticket and LMS Silver into Donator shop
- new automatic daily PvP Tournament. Register everyday 19:00 at Tournament Agent in main cities. 1 winner and 1 reward - 10 LMS Platinum
- added reforge of newbie sets into ROA Forge
- added refine/stone pack into free set quests reward so players can refine and stone their new sets for free
- Cave of Sadistic glee was customized and now drop PvP Ore required to upgrade free g19 pvp set to g19r version (in ROA, ROW forges)
- all rancor mobs have chance to drop now 110 lvl hp/mp bottles, lms silver, wedding candy, rancor lucky ticket (chance to get random reward : 15 lms silver, +12 stone, lvl12 soulstones)
- added Ring of Power 140+ lvl, you can get it from Zombie daily quest. lvl 151 Ring of Power can be obtained in Exchange NPC.
- added foxy smiley into Cubi shop - Misc - Megaphone
- in FB 149 Valley of Disaster drop rate increased 2x
- increased reward for weekly pvp tournament winner to 20 Platinum
- decreased price for +12 orb and soulstones
- new fashion in itemmall dont have time limit anymore
- added g20 Gold Edition (on Donate page)
- updated guild icons

Guide for Daily PvP Tournament: http://forum.lms-network.com/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=16295

22.05.2015 Patch 80:

From now on customs can be obtained in game without donations!
- Ancient coins now also can be used to craft Custom Ticket in LM$ Coins Forge in West Archosaur. Trade 1 ticket to LMS to add custom addons to 1 armor part, or 2 tickets to add custom addons to 1 weapon.
- added Ring of Power, powerful stats, for 151 lvl, cant be repaired, can be crafted in LM$ Coins Forge (528,654).
- added Survive Zombie Attack daily quest to Daily activities NPC in Archosaur West [526, 656] (1 per day). Available at lvl 120+
- added 1m exp scroll that works only for 150 lvl char and only inside Guild House Invasion map. There is a chance to get it as reward from Zombie daily quest.
- Vanished Ancestor Epic Boss in Guild invasion map now have chance to drop Ancient coin
- all custom kill mobs daily quests (120lvl+) now have chance to reward Ancient Coin
- fixed invisble pets bug
- updated guild icons

22.04.2015 Patch 79:

- exp in FB 119 was increased
- EA and WB weapons (except claws) now have additional 0.05 interval. old weapons can be reforged to get them. Custom weapons can send request to LMS for free update. Most active players weapons was updated manualy already.
- added Pet Reborn quest to Pet Manager in Archosaur North (1 per day). Available at lvl 150
- added reborn versions of all itemmall battle pets in Pet Manager in Archosaur North
- changed exp table for pets, now it takes longer to lvlup a pet.
- current pets was slightly nerfed. You have to Reborn them to get strongest version.
- added new epic boss: Ancient Evil in depths of Forbidden Sea. [586, 209] Respawn every 10 Hours
In the deeps of Forbidden Sea Davy Jones has released an ancient evil, lurking from within the deep ocean. The Kraken has been set loose to collect treasure and bring devastation upon our world, he will crush anyone who dares to defy it and its guards. Will you dare to face Davy Jones's mighty creatures? better not do it alone!
- Ancient Evil drops Ancient coins that can be used to craft Custom transfer ticket in LM$ Coins Forge in West Archosaur. trade 1 ticket to LMS to transfer/rename any custom armor part, or 2 tickets for any custom weapon any grade!
- fixed g20 normal and Black edition skin for WB
- updated and balanced free g18 PvP Weapons, everyone will receive new, old was deleted.
- updated guild icons

06.04.2015 Patch 78:

- Added automatic quest with PvP Set (armors + weapon) reward (g19, 140-150 lvls). It will also be used for some custom events, so dont sell it.
- added new daily Gathering quests for lvl 100-140, 4 quests per lvl range per day with high exp reward. There is 12% chance to mine quest item, and 4% to mine 10m exp scroll.
- added new battle pet - Bodyguard (Itemmall-New-Battle)
- added Epic Boss - Vanished Ancestor on House invasion map. It drops Supreme ore and Supreme logs. Respawn 1 hour. Require party to kill.
- updated guild icons

08.03.2015 Patch 77:

- Added automatic quests with newbie armor + weapon + ring reward (g16-18, 115-139 lvls). Newbie sets dont have set bonus
- significantly decreased price for +12 Dragon Ball. Lower Dragon Balls was removed, to make refine fast and easy.
- added option to craft 12 Dragon Balls at once
- decreased price for lvl 11-12 soulstones

24.02.2015 Patch 76:

- Added 2 new Raid Bosses (in Burning Heart and Decaying Woods near Tellius City) that drops new Material Token. Respawn 1 Hour.
- g17-19 mats that was unable to buy from boutique was moved to Exchange NP at West Archosaur.
- added new Material Token - you can buy it in boutique or drops from new Raid Bosses. You can exchange it for g16-19 materials
- by poll results we have decided to change server time +2 hours, now its UTC/GMT+3. Tha means TW will start 2 hours earlier now. You can always see current server time on website in left panel.
- updated guild icons

19.02.2015 Patch 75:

- exp table was modified for faster levelling, specially for lower levels
- added g16-19 materials into Boutique
- added many flights, pets, mounts into Shop NPC at West Archosaur
- 12s immune pill can be crafted now at Officer of the Streams NPC
- a lot of prices was decreased
- Donation prices was decreased, cubi/platinum rewards was increased
- hp potions restore higher amounts of hp/mp now
- sorted Boutique categories for better convenience
- Updated guild icons
- Some bugs fixed

Note ROA and ROW forges is just optional way to reforge your equipment.

27.01.2015 Patch 74:

- We have several important server-balancing changes:
-> The game cast speed was limited to 95%.
-> Mage top g16-20 pdef was significantly increased (Reforge to update, Custom items can only be manually updated by LMS - email request).
-> MG Weapons g17-20 attack damage was significantly increased.
-> Mdef hieros removed.
-> Penguin, Cactus and Harpy Battle pets were updated for balancing purposes. Old pets got nerfed and have to be updated in Exchange NPC (West Archosaur, 525,651)

- From now on weapons have random max damage value (10% spread), which makes each weapon unique. Can reforge g16-20 weapons at ROW Forge near West teleporter.
- Added new fashions into Boutique-NEW
- Added new flyers into Boutique-Flight-NEW2
- Cube of Fate Bosses now drop Warsoul materials. Respawn time 4h.
- Added new daily Crazy Stone quest with great exp and reputation rewards. Take from NPC Wen Tzu and Tu Jo at West Archosaur (533,643)
- Added g20 Armor color "Black edition". Besides exclusive Black color it has an additional +10 stat set bonus (available for donation, check donate page for details)
- Fixed g20 armor skins for WF and WB
- Updated guild icons
- Some bugs fixed

If you unable autoupdate use patch or manual patch 74.

12.12.2014 Patch 73:

- added new fashions in LMS Fashion NPC (West Archosaur)
- added new flying battle pet Harpy (in botique)
- fb 79 Hallucinatory Trench was customized and now drops g20 ore and supreme ore/logs (low chance)
- added new daily quest with 100% chance supreme ore/logs rewards. Take and report to Old Swordsman inside Hallucinatory Trench
- now you can sell 1m exp ticket and newbie teleport ticket in Duke Blacke and Guide NPC
- now you can sell tournament tickets in Exchange NPC in West
- now you can buy 2 Superior elements per day
- g17 materials are now sellable
- added g20 Armor color "Black edition" (available for donation). It has additional +10 str/dex/int for HA/LA/MG set bonus
- Penguin and Cactus pets stats was optimized for balance
- updated guild icons
- some bugs fixed

Old g16-20 armors and g17-18 mdef jew was deleted from the game

06.09.2014 Patch 72:

- fixed g15-18 armor set quest. Report quest to Elder of Archosaur (528, 651)
- WB g17-20 weapons now have 2x -0.1 interval addon. You can trade your weapons to LMS for free update
- mobs lvl increased in Newbie Dungeon
- updated guild icons

05.09.2014 Patch 71:

- new exp table - less exp per lvl http://lmspw.com/exp-table.php
- Higher exp and gold in Newbie Dungeon
- New players now start from 109 lvl
- much higher exp and gold rewards for all daily quests
- added new quest for g18 set (4 items). Can be done only once. Ticket for quest is sold in Itemmall.
- added 16 new daily quests for all levels with great rewards in new Daily Quest NPC near West teleporter
- Dragon Balls are cheaper now
- you will receive 3rd fairy instead of 1st or 2nd (cultivation quest) from now on
- Soulstones are cheaper now
- added new 1m Exp ticket to the itemmall (can be used every 30 min, non tradable).
- Mobs in Newbie dungeon and 119 and 129 FB's have chance to drop 1m Exp ticket.
- added more fashion to Fashion NPC's in West Archosaur
- TW Crystal was updated to prevent healing hack
- Added Duke Blacke inside FB 149.
- updated guild icons
- some bugs fixed

27.08.2014 Patch 70:

- g16 newbie quest now gives also a weapon (Fists for HA, Bow for LA, Quoit for MA)
- new players gears now have interval/cast in top, pants, boots aswell.
- new players start from lvl 105 now
- rewards was increased for daily quests - much better exp and gold now
- higher Exp and gold drop in newbie dungeon
- g16-20 WB dual hatchets, dual hammers have additional 0.05 interval addon now
- WS bosses respawn time in newbie dungeon is 1 hour now
- fixed g17 EP quoit craft
- fixed g19r mage set cast bonus
- g16 magic weapons changes: EP Drunkyard Thought -14% cast, WF Flower Drunkyard -16% cast
- added teleport to fb's 119 into Illusion stone
- Newbise Dungeon and FB's 119 now also drop 150HP Stones

18.08.2014 Patch 69:

- added reforge of g16 weapons in ROW
- reforge some g18 parts was fixed
- added g18-20 ore to donator shop
- fixed g17 reforge in Beginners Armor forge
- fixed crafting in Advanced forges
- reforge of g16-17 armors now require just lvl 7 craft
- g16-17 gears now require only lvl 8 crafting lvl.
- g18 gears now require only lvl 9 crafting lvl
- fixed interval addon in g18 wrist
- fixed some bugs
- guild icons updated

14.08.2014 Patch 68:

This patch brings big changes that will balance the server

- g16-20 armors changed: added -0.1 interval/-6% cast to top, pants, boots, cloak (only interval), 10% decreased mdef on HA, LA.
- g17-20 weapons changed: added interval/ cast addons (depends on class), changed some damages for balancing purposes.
- interval set bonus was removed, HA set bonus is now 25 con, LA 20 con, MA 15 con -3 chanting.
- Casting -4 stone is now -3
- custom addons table was changed (check donate page)
- added alternative way of crafting g18 armors (in Beginner armor forge)
- added new material g18 ore: drops from Lochmur Disciple, Lochmmur Fighter, Nightspike Scout on Shattered Cloud Island
- added new material g19 ore: drops from Glacial Walker, Flaming Walker and Trident Nightspike on Barrier Island
- added new material g20 ore: drops from Winged Calamity and Twisted Twinmask
- added new daily quest from Duke Blacke that gives 3 g18 Opal and 1 Soul crystal or 20 g18 Ore
- added new daily quest from Duke Blacke that gives 20 g19 Ore
- G20 mine changes: its 10% chance to mine material from it, 90% chance to mine announcement ticket (so everyone see that resource mob was spawned). 100% chance for 1 of mobs spawned after mining to drop 1 of 2 materials
- added new def charms: absorbe 40% dmg 5 hits. In Itemmall
- drop chance of warsoul stone mats was increased.
- less materials needed to craft and reforge g18
- less materials needed to craft g19
- added description of possible stats to g18-20 equipment
- bug fixes
- guild icons updated

Also check this guide.

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Re: 14.08.2014 - 1000x Server update 68

Post by Bible » 15 Aug 2014, 15:02

I have 3 customs . Top , pants and boots . I'm a WR . But my aps is 3.33 rather before it's 5aps .. Don't know what to do . And the facebook post you post LMS it's says that you can get 5aps easy on WR . Can you explain sir LMS ? I need the reply ASAP . :?:
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Re: 14.08.2014 - 1000x Server update 68

Post by Bible » 15 Aug 2014, 15:11

And I forgot to say , Is transfer for customs is free ? I see in the items and customs "Customs can be transferred for free to any grade from this item" . What does it mean sir LMS ?
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Re: 14.08.2014 - 1000x Server update 68

Post by LMS » 15 Aug 2014, 23:57

Like it says in first post:
Trade old custom gears + ore required for reforge to LMS, i will update it for you with same amount of sockets (even if not your name)

check this link detailed explanations about this patch:
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Re: 27.01.2015 - 1000x Server update 68-74

Post by LMS » 27 Jan 2015, 14:42

Patch 74 was released!
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Re: 27.01.2015 - 1000x Server update 68-74

Post by iferget » 27 Jan 2015, 19:40

This brings up many questions:

1) Does this mean we need to reforge all equipment or just certain items?
-I don't want to have to pay to +12 and stone equipment again if I don't have to.

2) What about Donator weapons/armor?
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Re: 27.01.2015 - 1000x Server update 68-74

Post by LMS » 19 Feb 2015, 19:13

Only magic top is recommended to reforge since pdef was increased significantly. And MG weapons.
If you need update custom item just email me info and leave item ins 1st slot i will update it for free.
Rest gears doesnt require any update
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Re: 27.01.2015 - 1000x Server update 68-74

Post by LMS » 19 Feb 2015, 19:14

Patch 75 was released!
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Re: 24.02.2015 - 1000x Server update 68-76

Post by LMS » 24 Feb 2015, 20:37

Patch 76 was released.
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Re: 08.03.2015 - 1000x Server update 68-77

Post by LMS » 08 Mar 2015, 13:33

Patch 77 was released for LMSPW 1.3.6 PvP server. Autoupdate your client.
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