15.07.2014 - 1000x Server update 67

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15.07.2014 - 1000x Server update 67

Post by LMS » 15 Jul 2014, 15:08

Start game via patcher to autoupdate your client.


- G15 armors NPC (Basist) in West Archosaur was renamed to Exchange, and you can exchange g19r weapons to molds there
- added 2 new powerful battle pets for WF in itemmall - new - battle
- Nirvana forges was renamed to Advanced
- Warsoul forges was renamed to Beginner
- G17 moved to Beginner forges
- Added g17 and g18 armor reforge options
- World Bosses have less dmg, decreased lvl to 150 and now drops g17 armours instead of armour molds
- increased chance of crafting 4s for g16 and g17 armours
- reduced cost or repairing g20 gears
- can exchange Semi-Final card to LMS Silver in Exchange NPC in West Archosaur
- updated guild icons
- some bugfixes


If you have troubles with autoupdate, try replace this file
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