1000x Patch 60 Released

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1000x Patch 60 Released

Post by LMS » 12 Jun 2013, 16:56

Changes in patch 60:

g15 can be crafted from hh99 + newbie tickets
added reforge for g15
g16 armors can be crafted for 2/5 amount of mats + g15 + newbie ticket
g16 weapons can be crafted for 2/5 amount of mats + HH99 weapon + newbie ticket
less mats required to craft g16
2x less uncanny, raptures, beast blood required to craft g17 now
100-115 lvl daily quests can be done 2x per day each now
115-125 lvl daily quests added newbie tickets (50%) as additional reward
platinum newbie hieros can be crafted for 1/3 cost + newbie ticket at Ducke Blacke (newbie exchange)
12 sec immune pill in itemmall only
lowered price for Dragon balls.
added teleports outside NS for advanced pvp
removed all class wings
Server Exp rate increased by 80%
attack hieros are 9999 per stack now
Guardian scroll is 200 per stack now
updated guild icons

use patcher for autoupdate or manual
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