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Post by mexz » 11 Apr 2011, 14:32

first idea:making mobs named event with a the same strong for all lvls scattered all around the special map like adc or a place u choose.
laws of event:the participant can participate again ,the mobs named event should drop special items most are junk but a lil items will be taken by gm like 25 of each 3 items dropped of the mobs.
prizes: prizes are decided by the GM but i think prizes should be donation items,cubis or gold (decided be the GM).

second idea:making a pvp tournament :it will be made of teams, each team contains 5 players any types but the party cannot contain more than 2 type of characters.

laws of event: the player who dies from the participant team cant go back to the ground or the team is out.(should be moderated by a GM) each team should pvp with all teams and after the tournament finish there will be grades according to the number of of teams.

Prizes: could be cubis like if we have 3 teams the first get 50 cubis for each player the second team gets 30 and the 3rd team get 15 (decided be a GM)

those are the ideas for event i got for now will think of other ones soon

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