Server Events Times

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Server Events Times

Post by Felix » 03 Nov 2009, 20:48

Server Time

NetherBeast City: Monday 20:00-24:00 - Fixed, Access From Mystrealm Stone at ADC west or ADC south, When event starts click on Netherbeast Rush

Dragon palace: Tuesday 20:00-24:00
Forest Ruins: Sunday 15:00-18:00

Treasure Event: Saturday 20:00
Horse Race: 12:30pm and 21:30 everyday, but due to version update seems to be messed up will fix.

Other Events:-

PvE Event: Saturday 19:00 on 200x, Sunday 20:00 on 1000x.
Rancor Invasion: 18:00 Every Sunday
GMs will provide mini events during the day at own time.
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