Kill the GM

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Kill the GM

Post by Laysie » 31 May 2015, 20:26

Hi all,

we have decided to give you what most of you have probably wanted to do atleast once during your stay in LMSPW, KILL THE GM!
and we're going to give it to you in not only a totally legal way but you can also be rewarded for it.

Current rewards are 7 Donator coins (Mon-Fri), 10 Donator coins (Sat-Sun) for a winner and Fantasy Fruits for participants

yup true story folks :)

But this wouldn't be an event if there wheren't some rules for you guys ( and GMs ) to follow, so here goes.

1. The minimum amount of players participating in this event must be 9 players.
2. With 9 participants there will be a total of 3 rounds, if more players attend the total of rounds will be increased.
3. This event will be held 2 times a day so people from different parts of the world can join in.
4. The GM will wait in SafeZone until there are atleast 9 participants. The event will not start until the GM has teleported to the non SafeZone Area
5. At all times listen to ( and follow ) the GM's instructions and / or warnings
6. The GM WILL NOT be standing there like a stake, he / she will run around. After all...... we do not have the desire to die just yet.
7. GM's may use anti stun pills ( other pills are still being discussed and won't be used until further notice )
8. While this event is being held you are not allowed to pk anyone ( participants ) except the GM you're supposed to kill
9. It is absolutely FORBIDDEN to use AoE skills and stuns
10. GMs keep the right to disqualify players if said players fail to follow the rules above.
11. If players ( including participants ) are trying to ruin this event for others, are disrespectful, threaten, herrass or are interrupting the event in any other way the GM remains the right to mute and / or ban for the duration of the event AFTER giving a clear and proper warning.
12. The winner of each round will be rewarded with 7 Donator coins (Mon-Fri), 10 Donator coins (Sat-Sun). ( the winner is the player who had the last hit and was mentioned in the GM's death msg ). Rest of participants will be rewarded with Fantasy Fruits.
13. LMSPW Staff remains the right to change these rules if we think they're not good / balanced enough

hope to see you all in game :)
happy gaming all