Future event(s) rules and more.

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Future event(s) rules and more.

Post by Shara » 30 Sep 2013, 02:23

Because of some problems with old events, and mostly the recent Fashion event, people cheating, (Facebook) magically getting 1000+ likes in one day, etc... It seems some rules are needed for future events to make sure everyone can enjoy them without problems and cheating of any sort.

Events can be held either on Facebook, the forums here, or in-game. There can be different rules and ways players can win. Which rules and how winners are chosen depends on what LMS or the GM hosting it will choose.

Some quick screenshot advice:
Since some submit their event screenshot or other and it's about a fashion event, it seems some/many don't know how it usually goes or how to make a good quality screenshot.
Fashion events are about how good fashion looks (and more), and submitting a good screenshot can make a difference in whether you win or not.
Some/most of you may have slow pc's or pc's that can't handle high graphics, but your pc won't die from spending 5-10 seconds on high settings (with distance at low), so you can make a great screenshot. Easy way to make and submit some great quality screenshots:
1: Find some location you think looks good as background or fits with the type of fashion and fashion color you are wearing.
2: Go stand or fly on the spot and turn the screen so you have the background you want.
3: Go to the in-game settings (not the launcher/patcher, that may crash for some people), be on the System tab, and put Textures and Terrain on full (move the slider/bar to the right), select Soften and Sharpen aswell. Sun/Moon, Shadows, and/or the Trees, Flower/Grass, Cloud, etc options are optional but may help for a better screenshot.
4. Close the window and/or press F9 on your keyboard.
5. Be sure that you have "Hide UI in snapshots" (or something similar) is selected.
6. Press the "Screenshot (PrintScreen)" button on the F9 window, NOT the PrtScn hotkey on your keyboard, and your screenshot is made.
7. Now just lower the settings again (de-select and/or move the sliders/bars to the left) and either upload or send the screenshot, or move to a new location, change the settings, make a new screenshot and choose between the one you want to submit.

Some of the settings may cause lag for some low-graphic pc's but it shouldn't be too much of a problem for just a short moment to make a screenshot.

The list below will explain how events are usually done.

How the events usually go or should go:
Likes: Players can like but must also comment after liking to make sure it is a legit/fair/real like, for example after you like you comment with "liked", "nice fashion", or something else depending on the type of event. Also keep it to one like and comment!
GM-chosen: GM's will vote on each uploaded screenshot and the end results will say who wins 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. (Or more depending on the event.)
Player/LMS-uploaded: Players can or LMS will upload screenshot(s), and winners are chosen either through likes or by GM's. (See instructions with each event to know whether you can upload it or must email it to LMS for him to upload.)

How it can be done:
Player or LMS/GM-uploaded: Players can either post their screenshot(s) in a reply on the event topic, send it to LMS in email and he will upload them or send it to the email of the GM hosting it but only if the GM gives his/her gmail with the instructions to send it to it.
Like-type system (optional): Players can comment with their votes. (Not sure yet how this will be of use..)
GM-chosen: GM's will vote on each uploaded screenshot and the end results will say who wins 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. (Or more depending on the event.)

How it can be done:
Well for in-game events it really depends on what type of event is being done, which GM and/or what rules they have for the event.
For example;
Hide&Seek event, you must find the GM and if you're the first person that found the GM you must trade the GM to get your reward, or if you're the first to trade the GM you win.
Trivia, answer questions correctly and the GM will trade you or send you the reward through in-game mail.
DQ/NPC items, you must collect/buy one or more specific item(s) and sell it to the GM's catshop or trade the GM and get 1-10mil as reward.
But each GM may do an event in a different way with different rules, so be sure you read their chat to know what to do.

Event Rewards
This can be different depending what LMS decides (official event) or if GM's are doing an event (mini event).
Mini GM event;
Can be from 1mil to 10mil, more or less depends on the GM holding the event and if LMS allows a larger reward.
Official event;
Can be from 3mil to maybe 200mil or even $10, $15, $30 to $50 donation rewards depending on what LMS will choose.

Some basic instructions GM's will/should add to events if official or done on Facebook (Each GM may choose different things):
1. When the event starts and ends.
2. What is needed for players to participate. (Basic needed info, like what server, character name, etc..)
3. What players are allowed or should do. (Instructions. If it is not in the list of the event, DO NOT do it.)
4. How many characters (alts) may participate. [Only optional.. as I don't think this is used much.]
5. The amount of screenshots or other thing(s) one person/player can (min/max) submit.
6. What kind of rewards there are.
7. Where to submit their screenshot or other thing(s). (Post on forum/facebook or send to LMS/GM through email.)
8. [And possible other rules/things GM's or players may suggest]

Questions and such are always welcome, and remember, do not do anything except for the instructions given with any event to avoid problems, read more below.

Things not to do and/or their punishments:
[Facebook info:] Unless you are told to do so in the event description (for example: "Send your screenshot link to others to like"), do not try to cheat by spamming 200-600 or more friends with your image link and asking them to like/comment if they got no clue what they are liking for or commenting on and are thus helping you win or cheat to put it in a more direct way, or don't even know about LMSPW, yes it may be good advertisement for LMSPW but people with only a few likes/friends, or who simply wait for others to vote in a fair way will have no chance to win. You simply do what is in the instructions, not what you think yourself is right or such, as it may cause trouble which you probably won't see/notice yourself.
(Like trying to compare bad with good submitted event content, a bad screenshot or such, with low graphics, names in it, etc.. get's a boat load of likes, while a good screenshot with no names in it, high graphics, etc only get's 10-30 likes.) [Read at the top of this topic how to make better quality screenshots]

1. If an event is held on facebook and winners will be chosen by likes, you must follow the rules/instructions of the event. [Any cheating by bots (suddenly having 300-500+ likes in a few hours to a day or so), or other means, might/will most likely result in the screenshot being deleted and re-uploaded to reset the likes, if the likes still increase like crazy in case of the bot still being there or a new bot being activated, the screenshot(s) will be deleted and you'll be disqualified. [NO exceptions]
2. If a GM is doing Hide&Seek, do not attack them unless they say otherwise. [The GM may warn you to stop, force-log if you continue or even ban you for a short duration if you still continue after being warned.]
3. If a GM is busy spawning monsters/bosses outside West Arch/ADC, Tusk Town or other locations, do not attack any monster/boss unless the GM says otherwise. [1st may be a warning, 2nd attacking may be a force-log, 3rd time may be temporary ban untill the GM is done making the event, or a long ban for the duration of the event, which can be 1-3 hours, so you're warned in advance.]

Events are there so players can enjoy, have fun playing and win something, not to cheat or screw around at, so just keep to the rules made at a GM-spawned events or the main rules and don't try to cause trouble, so we won't have to punish anyone and everyone can enjoy fun events.

If you do not like these rules, or don't agree with them or any rules made by different GM's at events from this list, you can thank some people from facebook and in-game for causing problems, mainly facebook. We may be people just like everyone else, but please don't think we're stupid to think that 500-1000+ likes suddenly appearing in a few hours to 1 days is normal, because in case you haven't noticed, it's suspicious of botting/hacking.

My facebook page if you need to contact me and I'm not online here, on the website, or in-game: Facebook