New,old & changed event ideas/suggestions, post your reply!

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New,old & changed event ideas/suggestions, post your reply!

Post by Shara » 29 Nov 2012, 20:06

Hello everyone.

Recently there were some talks about events being boring, events being done
only a long time ago, or no events being done at all, and I've been thinking about it for a bit..
Maybe we do need some new/fresh events to make it more fun, interesting or challenging.

I'd like your opinion, idea or suggestion for future and old events, freh and new events that can be hosted by GM's.

Take some time to think about our current events, and see if there is anything that could be changed about them.
Current events:
Mini Avalanche Rancor
Beauty Contest (Though been long since we did that.)
Fashion Contest

(There are more events done by Pixie and other GM's, but I'm still getting the list for them.)


If you have a suggestion or idea about a new event that we could do, explain it with these few points or more:
What event is it?
What do you have to do for it?
Where would the event be?
What would be the reward(s)?
For what level(s) is it?
How long would the event take? (This isn't directly known, since not everyone kills at the same rate and such.)
How many mobs/bosses?
Where would the mobs/bosses be placed?
And extra info. (What mobs, bosses, etc would you like to be used.)

Here are some ideas that you can make your event about:
*Find the GM/this/that item/place.
*Go here/there.
*Get this/that item.
*Race to here/there.
*Kill this/that.
*Kill the mobs/bosses to save the GM/NPC.
*Christmas, Halloween or others. (With poll/votes.)
*Fashion/Armor event. (With poll/votes.)
*Best couple event. (With poll/votes.)
*PvE/PvE event.

And lots more other things, it's up to you to think of stuff for the event(s).

Just a few rules/notes for if you have an idea for a new event.
*Be sure that your event takes at least about 10 to 15 minutes min. Max about, maybe 4 to 6 hours, how long
depends on what type of event it is, and how many rounds if it's such an event.
(It may be longer, that may cause it to be hosted less often duo to the mob/boss drops and such.)
*The duration of the event depends on what there is to do with it.
*How many times your event may be hosted depends on the duration of the event, the reward(s), the mob/boss drops,
how favorite/challenging/interesting/fun it is, for what level and/or how big the event is.
*No extreme or hard bosses/mobs if it's for lower levels.
*Do make sure you have a limit to your mob/boss amount, not like 20000 spawns or such, 70-100 would
probably be the limit, depending on how closely they will be placed together
*Double exp/drop/gold will not be run during the event(s) unless decided otherwise by LMS depending on what type event
is it and what the reward(s) is.

So go get some coffee or other drink, and start thinking!
Goodluck all, and don't forget to post your event idea with details.

My facebook page if you need to contact me and I'm not online here, on the website, or in-game: Facebook
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