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by McVinster
12 Nov 2009, 17:04
Forum: Random
Topic: Spam Bots...
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Spam Bots...

Is it just me, or has the forum been invaded lately with spam bots? Every time I come to check the forum, I see that there's a post in every single sub-forum of spam. Blah blah buy these drugs, blah blah girls for cheap, blah blah zomg free car or some other BS. It's getting annoying. Is there nothi...
by McVinster
03 Jul 2009, 15:31
Forum: Announcements
Topic: Client and patch links
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Re: Client and patch links (updated 2009.07.01)

Following the steps from 2 onwards, because I already had the up-to-date PWI client copied to play LMS (I started playing again about a week ago). I hope to god that it works because it's taken nearly an hour for each of the 2 patches. PS. Stating that LMS now has it's own updater would have saved m...
by McVinster
11 May 2009, 20:37
Forum: Random
Topic: hmmm
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Re: hmmm

Yeah, I daresay if I posted what I actually thought about the dumb shit admin and crappy running of this server it'd get deleted too. Sorry in advance if that comment gets your thread closed/deleted/humped into submission by a GM with the brain of a concussed bee. Okay now I've done it. *hits the Pa...