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by dhomz01
13 Dec 2014, 04:46
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Topic: LMS Perfect World's Rules (Updated 21/03 2015)
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Re: LMS Perfect World's Rules (Updated 25/09 2013)

I just need to clarify about the scripts that can cast skill fast without any delay's.. it is normal with mages, me my self record it so i can see my char cast.. and its really fast .. Just worrying about some players sending fake videos and they will QQ about scripts then after that we will be gett...
by dhomz01
02 Jun 2014, 09:08
Forum: Guilds
Topic: PILIPINAS guild icon renew :)
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PILIPINAS guild icon renew :)

Hello LMS stuffs again, i change the Icon of the PILIPINAS guild, i hope it will not be ignored and make it to this upcoming patch.. i will just attach here the NEW icon that i uploaded . thanks very much and godbless..! more power LMSPW 1000xpvp. Guild leader: _VampiRE_ Guild level : 3 Fanction nam...
by dhomz01
31 May 2014, 13:52
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;) Server:1000xpvp Master:_VampiRE_ fanction name: PILIPINAS Guild fanction level:3 Hello LMS stuff's, can you please add this icon to my guild in this coming update pls, i already send the icon in top guilds.. i am just aware that maybe it will just be ignored.. thanks a lot and godbless.. more pow...
by dhomz01
09 Oct 2013, 10:08
Forum: Guilds
Topic: MegaDeth guild LOGO :)
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Re: MegaDeth guild LOGO :)

I am so sorry GM, i am just excited about my logo to be in it..
and about my guild, yes it is newly made, how was it? it will take long to
put the logo?...
by dhomz01
08 Oct 2013, 04:59
Forum: Guilds
Topic: MegaDeth guild LOGO :)
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MegaDeth guild LOGO :)

Guild fanction level:3

hello GM.. can you please make this logo on my guild?..
thanks a lot GM and staff's..