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by ikdus
04 Oct 2010, 00:35
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Topic: Anyone kind out there? :3
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Re: Anyone kind out there? :3

Vyper!on wrote:
~Incensive~ wrote: Vyper!on told me he would level me by the time he finish his exams
U missunderstood me. I did not say i will power level you. I said i will take you in one or 2 fb runs. I don't power level people because then they won't know how to use their char.
by ikdus
04 Oct 2010, 00:33
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Topic: Stats for Warrior - Wondering.
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Re: Stats for Warrior - Wondering.

I had a full agl custom warrior. I must say that pure agl is awsome but only if you have 5 interval of atk. For that you need to donate. Non custom warriors should not go for pure agl. Each 20 agl increase your critical rate and atk power for bow. Nothing more. There is no point in dealing double d...
by ikdus
04 Oct 2010, 00:30
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Topic: Login Issues
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Re: Login Issues

Demon801 wrote:But i was talking to other people on and they were saying that 200x is still going...
i wish i could be sure but i rlly think 200x is OK...
by ikdus
04 Oct 2010, 00:27
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Topic: any info on game mechanics?
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Re: any info on game mechanics?

She did answer some of my questions. ( She actually answered questions I didn't know to ask .) I was not aware of the damage reduction for higher levels, that explains a lot: an EA that seemed WAY too tough and constantly kills me while I grind (I hate to keep asking for help from my guild but I ma...
by ikdus
04 Oct 2010, 00:25
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Topic: i need help fast ,thanks.
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Re: i need help fast ,thanks.

Ancient dragon city. west. 1 thousand streams is one of the big city's to u got 4 starter place's,close to the races towns then u have ADCW(ancient dragon city west) whit 21-23 mobs around it 1000 streams has lvl 78 mobs around it on sunday GMT+0 18:00 theres a rancor invasion at 1k streams and ADC...
by ikdus
04 Oct 2010, 00:19
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Topic: a few questions
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Re: a few questions

was wondering about a few things (i came from pwi so i'll be using pwi terminology =S hope you guys'll understand >.<) 1. Where and how do you acquire the fragments for warsoul gear? 2. How do you acquire lunar weaps? 3. How do you get the high lv shards? e.g. the -6 channel and +20 const shards ty...
by ikdus
03 Oct 2010, 23:58
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Topic: Horrible
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Re: Horrible

GUYS,im realy laughing no1 even mentioned this?
whitout donaters LMS woulndt exist! always QQing abt donaters but lol,bether be gracefull
by ikdus
03 Oct 2010, 23:49
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Topic: What do we want from the next patch?
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Re: What do we want from the next patch?

arvictor wrote:new training ground :idea:
by ikdus
03 Oct 2010, 23:46
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Topic: NEVER implement assassin and physic please
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Re: NEVER implement assassin and physic please

Vyper!on wrote:
ikdus wrote:and they get owned by mages to ?
They still have better skills than archers when it comes to pvp.
Wr's have bether skills then mg's ea's to,stil its close range,ea and mg are ranged and close ranged
so theres no bether skill in pvpi think
by ikdus
03 Oct 2010, 14:37
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Topic: New bugs & slugs section - Guidelines
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Re: New bugs & slugs section - Guidelines

bogdy69 wrote:hey every1 im new...can i ask whats rancor event?
masive mobs spam at 1k,nort/west adc = exp!
chek the event section for more info